You’re an Otaku If…

901.) You’ve spent more hours in one day watching anime than you have sleeping -Alex Brotman

902.) Someone mentions the word moon or sailor, and you instantly picture a Japanese schoolgirl -Alex Brotman

903.) You have an emulator installed on your system so you can play those damn good Dragonball Z SNES RPG games (or similar game we lack in America) -Alex Brotman

904.) You have made a trip to the hospital because of an anime stunt gone wrong. (don’t ask…) -Alex Brotman

905.) If you grow rrrreeeeeaaaalllllyyyy long hair and wear huge shoulderpads. -Jon

906.) You try to get into Toudai (Tokyo University) in hopes that you will meet Naru and Keitaro” – Hiro

907.) You know your an Otaku if you paint your room an anime charictors favorite color true – Max

908.) You get a new ohuse and exclaim that all the carpet is your favorite chars favorite color true – Max

909.) After beating someone up (for saying that Anime was chinese animation) you scream out ‘now say it! this world is made of LOVE AND PEACE! LOVE AND PEACE!’ over and over. -rougewisp

910.) For halloween, you dressed in a big red trenchcoat, dyed your hair blonde, styled it like vash-sama’s, and bought a big huge plastic gun. -rougewisp

911.) You actually found the big red trenchcoat -rougewisp

912.) Your 2 car garage is filled wall to wall, ceiling to floow (except for aisleways) with anime dvds and vhs’s -rougewisp

913.) You cannot see the true color of your walls anymore, for they are covered in posters and wallscrolls -rougewisp

914.) When about to face someone in a fight, you make pentagrams in the air, hoping to summon creatures to fight for you -rougewisp

915.) You also (when not trying to summon creatures before fights) say ‘I’ve chosen the soil for the likes of you!’ and after getting beat up you say ‘it didn’t move…’ -rougewisp

916.) Everbody at school calls you Demon Gun-Chan or ‘Kaze’ -rougewisp

917.) You have actually thought of crafting a big gun, taking out your heart, and putting it in the gun so that you could make your own demon gun -rougewisp

918.) You have mastered the art of Kigenjitsu/Genesis -rougewisp

919.) When you start having really weird dreams with you and your love(out of an Anime!!) on the toilet,doing something…(we’re not looking at anybody here now..) -Kuririn (female)

920.) Your friends joke about using ecstasy you joke about doing capsules. -Scott

921.) You think that angels and victims are evil. -Scott

922.) When you see a guy on a red motorcycle you have an urge to yell Heeey Kaaaneeedaa! -Scott

923.) You keep waiting for F-16s to convert to mecha mode. -Scott

924.) You suggest movie companies just sub anime movies so they don’t have a chance to dub them. -Scott

925.) When you and your friends watch anime together you leave your car keys at home and get a designated driver. -Scott

926.) You ask for conversion parts for your car and a weasel unit for your hummer. -Scott

927.) You won’t date a girl unless she has blue tattoos on her face. -Scott

928.) You and a friend got in a fist fight over an anime argument. -Scott

929.) Your mom constantly has to erase mass amounts of hentai pics from your computer. -Scott

930.) You got all the referances to different anime on this list. -Scott

931.) You insist on calling your vertically challenged teacher “professor Washu.” -Snoozingrat

932.) Your teacher would rather be called “little Washu.” -Snoozingrat

933.) You persuade your dad to go to the otakon in a panda suit with an arsenal of wooden signs. -Snoozingrat

934.) You go to china looking for jusenkyo. -Snoozingrat

935.) You’ve been caught posing in front of a mirror shouting “pretty mutation magical recall.” -Snoozingrat

936.) You’ve stockpiled ramen so that the space pirate and princess won’t starve. -Snoozingrat

937.) At least three of your previous pets had “chan” in their name. -Snoozingrat

938.) You’ve contemplated cosplay outfits that change with cold water. -Snoozingrat

939.) You refer to you model collection as your “unholy robotic legion of doom.” -Snoozingrat

940.) You use these jokes as a checklist. -Snoozingrat

941.) You constantly talk to your cat… and she talks back – Will Arthur

942.) You find nothing strange with a character carrying a sword three-times his size. And being able to swing it effortlessly. – Will Arthur

943.) You think Goku needs a larger speaking role. – Will Arthur

944.) You think all orgasms sound like babies on helium. – Will Arthur

945.) You actually did field tests in aerodynamics to see whether the Stingray could really fly or not. -Will Arthur

946.) You translate Vegeta’s image song into English and gag before you’re done(TRUE!) -Phenomena

947.) You know anime trivia down cold, for 20 titles, 10 of which you haven’t even seen, but you have no clue what Star Trek is -Phenomena

948.) You own one or more cosplay costumes for your favorite characters, and you wear them out in public even though Halloween is 2 months away(TRUE!) -Phenomena

949.) You searched 4 different department stores for elements to said costumes (TRUE!) -Phenomena

950.) You do fansubs, and you can voice 10 characters from the same series who are all of the opposite sex(TRUE!) -Phenomena

951.) You can crossover DBZ with something totally different i.e. DBZ/Yu Yu Hakusho, DBZ/Sailor Moon, etc(TRUE!) -Phenomena

952.) You get wierd looks because, when someone asks you your name, you can’t answer them without posing like a member of the Ginyu Force(TRUE!) -Phenomena

953.) You role play along with episodes of your favorite anime(TRUE!) -Phenomena

954.) You twitch/have a seizure when a reference to your fave anime that you are trying to keep a secret comes up(TRUE!) -Phenomena

955.) You wonder how the heck Bulma ended up with Vegeta(TRUE!) -Phenomena

956.) You make a scouter out of a pair of sunglasses and aluminum foil and an old headset(TRUE!) -Phenomena

957.) When you go into la-la land, you are in your favorite anime(TRUE!) -Phenomena

958.) You attempt to find a time-door that leads to Anime World(TRUE!) -Phenomena

959.) Your Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi sketches look like the real manga(I’ve seen this happen) -Phenomena

960.) You imply anime expressions for a given situation i.e. falling over when someone makes a bad joke(TRUE!) -Phenomena

961.) You actually found A Saka-Bahto in the weapons antique shop! (^O ^)/ wow! But practices GATOTSU with IT! ! (~ ~;) -Saito Hajime

962.) Dress up as Kenshin with Saka-Bahto… but pulls Miburo/Gatotsu stances to convention. -Saito Hajime

963.) Sets up a local Shinsen Gumi to protect Capital Hill, even after the bakumatsu era. -Saito Hajime

964.) You actually head the Shinsen Gumi in your area! -Saito Hajime

965.) While practicing Gatotsu at home, found it to cover long distances, Gatotsu all the way to school ! -(^ ~ ^)/ -Saito Hajime

966.) Found school bullies that pick on u turn 180 degrees and make like a tree when u do the empty hand Gatotsu . (it works…usually, but had to Zero Shiki 1 0f them once) Stance backfires when the bullies pulls ShiShios attacks at you ! (~ ~;) -Saito Hajime

967.) Plans to migrate to the planet Eden, frowns to find out it only exist in Macross Plus, gahh…what the heck! Migrate anyways! -Saito Hajime

968.) Petitions the USN to decommission all its existing F-14 tomcats and convert them into VF-1 Valkrie/Veretech fighters. -Saito Hajime

969.) Again Petitions the UDF ( then USN) to upgrade the VF-1s to VF-11s Thunderbolt. -Saito Hajime

970.) The USAF follow suit and develops the VF-22 Stumvogel II, replacing their aging YF-21/22s . -Saito Hajime

971.) You had planned to join the USAF after graduation but instead joined the JASDF to fly their F-15J in hopes to meet Lt.Haneda and Lt.Mitaka. -Saito Hajime

972.) Sadden to find out that the JASDF has Deployed X-9 Ghosts, no longer requiring cute pilot chicks like Lt.Haneda and Lt.Mitaka. -Saito Hajime

973.) During the Macross Plus’s SDF celebrations, you stood up while the were playing the Macross Universal Anthem. -Saito Hajime

974.) Your friends Stood up with U during the Anthem…. -Saito Hajime

975.) Suggests to the government to finish the SDF-1 sooner, couple of years before 2009 deadline! -Saito Hajime

976.) Pays 15,000 US to the Russians to sit in their Sukhoi SU-27s, but in reality pretending to in a VF-19 with canards and all. (I could do that in my sleep!) -Saito Hajime

977.) Actually dreamt of being in a VF-19, saves 15,000 US, spends in other OTAKU areas. -Saito Hajime

978.) Sat in a cockpit of a display F-14 during air show, ….hoping the FEMALE air controller would send u up in the air. -Saito Hajime

979.) After years in the USN flying the F-14, you saw the Macross/robotech series and never felt the same again because your cockpit was lacking the F.G.B transformations levers. -Saito Hajime

980.) Mistook people with dyed green hair, or any other colors as a Zentrady. -Saito Hajime

981.) You join local police force after watching “your under arrest” -Saito Hajime

982.) Eyes play tricks on you when you mistook an ordinary Honda Today for a mini patrol. -Saito Hajime

983.) Eyes play tricks on you again when you thought officer Miyuki was at the wheels and her best partner Natsumi was with her in the Honda Today ! -Saito Hajime

984.) If you’ve just finished buying a complete series and buy the new boxed set just for the box art, hehe done that…. -Dexargile

985.) If you are surprised, when spelling check in MS-WORD find errors in words like “anime”, “otaku” or “doujinshi” (TRUE) -Moonlight Rambler

986.) When you start searching in your english dictionary meaning of “OVA” (TRUE) – and found it – and is inkorrect at your opinion ^_^ (TRUE, TRUE) (Note: i’m from Ukraine, so i already have english-russian dictionary.) -Moonlight Rambler

987.) When in museum you see some medieval swords and, and after that you start thinking about them like “nise penknife” (TRUE) – this last is from my friend, YagMort -Moonlight Rambler

988.) If you’re fave saying is “blasted space pirates”(my fave saying)or even”that is a secret” -Kahila

989.) You’ve built a 1:2 scale model of a mecha ie. Evangelion, Gundam, etc (like those students in Japan). -JJ

990.) The thought of giant robot wars and chemical warfare doesn’t even make you flinch. -JJ

991.) You’d kill anyone who says Asuka is better than Rei in a flash. -JJ

992.) You know more anime movies than “real” movies (this actually happened to me once… or twice… or since I was little, no difference). -JJ

993.) You think it’s strange that people don’t have pointy noses or huge eyes. -JJ

994.) You search all Japanese history books looking for Samurai X/ Rurouni Kenshin. -JJ

995.) Your anime collection is worth more than your car (it’s true!). -JJ

996.) You have more anime songs than mainstream songs. -JJ

997.) You’ve dedicated your life to learning how to control ki. -JJ

998.) You actually tried spiking your 8 inch hair straight up but can’t find enough hair gel, even after you’ve used a gallon (I’m finding dried hair gel in the weirdest places). -JJ

999.) You thought “The Guyver” movies that were made in America was just as bad as Godzilla dubbed movies. -JJ

1000.) You’ve been watching Evangelion DVD Collection for 20 hours and can’t find the subtitles when your parents and friends speak to you at school. -JJ