You’re an Otaku If…

201.) If you get all your friends hooked on anime when they didn’t know what it was before you started. -Rei

202.) When people compare your artwork to the ORIGINAL artist and say it’s as good, or better. -Rei

203.) When you have over 10 Megs of your own fan art scanned on to your hard drive… and that’s not even half of it. -Rei

204.) When you sing anime songs at work and wonder why your fellow employees look at you strangely. -Rei

205.) When you find yourself saying “baka” whenever someone makes you mad. -Rei

206.) When you’ve seriously considered what you would look like with blue hair and red contacts. -Rei

207.) When you see if your pendant will transport you to Gaea. -Rei

208.) If you tell all your friends to add chan at the end of your name -CybStalker

209.) If you start playing Dungeons & Dragons because of a fantasy anime (ie: Lodos War, Slayers, DragonHalf…) -CybStalker

210.) If you decided to join a form of Martial Arts so you can copy anime moves (Breaking Point!) -CybStalker

211.) If you go to Renaissance Faires to pretend you’re in an anime -CybStalker

212.) If you learn to sword fight or fence to copy anime. -CybStalker

213.) If you spend so much time in the 24 hr. anime viewing room at a con that you fall asleep there intead of returning to the hotel. -CybStalker

214.) When you got a bonus at work, you thought “cool! more anime stuff!” -Naoto

215.) When you got your raise, you thought “cool! more anime stuff!” -Naoto

216.) On your last trip to Little Tokyo, you went to the bookstore to try to locate a copy of “Heppoko Pin-pin” (recommended age 2-4) or videos of “Poko-poko Pin-pin” -Naoto

217.) You started to tune into broadcasts of Chibi Marukochan because you heard Yuko Mizutani plays “ne-chan” (older sister). -Naoto

218.) Although you’re not a fan of Bruce Willis, you get the LD of “The Fifth Element” because you hear that it’s about as close as you can get to an American made live-action anime. -Naoto

219.) The primary reason for running Windows 95J was so you can play Tokimeki Memorial. -Naoto

220.) Your idea of the ideal girlfriend is Noriko Takaya from Gunbuster. -Naoto

221.) When people ask you if you’ve got CDs that aren’t anime soundtracks, you show them that you’ve got vocal albums by Chisa Yokoyama, Yumi Takada, Ai Orikasa, Megumi Hayashibara… -Naoto

222.) You and your friends refer to your gym clothing as hard suits. -Flash

223.) You can spontaneously generate weapons (i.e. swords, mallets, pistols) while in a bathing suit or less. -Flash

224.) You can create an aura of karma and drive away you enemies. -Flash

225.) When you are a practicioner of Anything-Goes “_” Martial Arts. -Flash

226.) You’ve had to explain to your parents that you broke your desk while trying to get into Doraemon’s time machine. -Naoto

227.) You caught all the anime references in Star Trek:The Next Generation (references include Yamato, Gundam, Dirty Pair). -Naoto

228.) You caught all the Star Trek references in Dirty Pair. -Naoto

229.) Although you don’t play video games, you bought Metal & Lace, Knights of Xentar and Power Dolls primarily because of the cover art. -Naoto

230.) If youre goal in life is to be a better player than Tenchi. -John

231.) If you actually went to a sanctuary to pick up chicks from space. -John

232.) If your online name is Sir Enity. -John

233.) If you painted your nails and waved them to turn into a senshi. -John

234.) If when you call someone a girl you say “you remind me of Ranma” “after a nice tall glass of ice water” -John

235.) If you watched Sailor Moon so much it colorblinded you from pink. -John

236.) If you heard anime music so much you didn’t care if it sounded 10 years old. -John

237.) If in sunday school when asked to quote the Bible, you answered Neon Genisis Evangelon. -John

238.) As you’re playing an anime-style game you think you recognized the voice actors and are extremely fustrated that you can’t find the cast list in the end credits. -Naoto

239.) One of the reasons you are interested in a game is because certain voice actor have a role in it. -Naoto

240.) You can remember the vital stats for various seiyuu but you can’t remember your girlfriend’s birthday (that is, IF you had a girlfriend)… -Naoto

241.) When someone gets you one of those waist pouches or pockets, you exclaim “Wow cool! now I can be like Doraemon!” -Naoto

242.) You decide that it’s time to brush up on your Spanish when you find out that there are regular broadcasts of anime programs in Mexico. -Naoto

243.) You’ve acquired an Osaka accent in your Japanese ever since you started watching Card Captor Sakura. -Naoto

244.) When you found out that there’s a Watashi no Kero-chan (a talking “nuigurumi” of Kerberos), you think “I want! I want!” -Naoto

245.) You’re actually taking notes during the Kerochan ni omakase segments on the Card Captor Sakura LD… -Naoto

246.) If you become an anime character online. -Lihao

247.) You collect seiyuu videos. -Naoto

248.) You dream that you’re Carrot Glasses -Naoto

249.) You collect anime-related audio drama CDs -Naoto

250.) When you hear someone say “fire!” you respond with “Bomber!” -Naoto

251.) After someone says something stupid, you hear a moo in the background -Naoto

252.) If you’re playing Poke’mon on Game boy and you find yourself screaming -cuebone150

253.) When you surprisingly get beat up after saying “You can’t hurt me-I am a poke’mon master!” -cuebone150

254.) You might be an Otaku if your parents have a talk with you about you sreaming the name “Lum” in you sleep. -Deadman 7

255.) You might be an Otaku if find yourself singing the Pokérap in the middle of cass. -Deanman 7

256.) You pressure your friend to name his car Tamahome, ‘cuz it’s fun to say. -Kako Sato

257.) You’ve learned enough Japanese from anime subs to have a conversation with the waiters at the local Benihana. -Kako Sato

258.) You’ve mastered saying “Aiyah!” just like Shampoo, and “Daaa!” just like Chichirri, and use them in everyday language as expressions of surprise. -Kako Sato

259.) You add “-chan” to the end of all your friend’s names. -Kako Sato

260.) Your best friend’s dog is named Eva Unit 01, and it was suggested by you. -Kako Sato

261.) Your parents ask you what you want to be when you grow up to which you reply “AN ANIME OF COURSE!!!” – code_name

262.) The School Bully comes to pick on you and you scream “Bulbasaur go” and throw an imaginary Pokéball at him out of sheer instict he than looks at you weird then runs away. – code_name

263.) You translate your fav anime’s characters, weapons, vehicals, etc… into AD&D or other RPG stats. -Yasha

264.) You actually made your own RPG based on your fav anime. (but I never really got around to test playing it.) -Yasha

265.) You own a book on Japanese slang and curses. -Yasha

266.) You carry around a pocket sized Japanese-English dictionary everywhere you go. -Yasha

267.) You run around and scream “TITA!!” in a russian accent -Yasha

268.) You find that you constantly reload your invisible gun pod even if it don’t need reloading click -Yasha

269.) Your parents want to know who “Anime” is. -Yasha

270.) Even non-otaku ask you to do your Bulbasaur impression. -Yasha

271.) You’re eating dinner and your parent’s ask how the food is and you reply, “I like chocolate!” -Mendou

272.) You have a tab at the local anime store. -Moth

273.) And that tab is more than your credit cards limit. -Moth

274.) You start throwing tennis balls at the local wildlife, hoping to catch it inside. -Moth

275.) The model from the last anime convention (y’know, the one that was dressed up like sailor mars) has taken out a restraining order on you. -Moth

276.) You actually know what type of animal a mokona is. -Moth

277.) You call the commute to work “Inter-Dimensional Travel”. -Moth

278.) People don’t trust you around their cats because of a certain “incident” involing little moon shaped stickers. -Moth

279.) You decide to home tutor all your kids (who are named after anime characters) because, hey, look at gohan. -Moth

280.) You paint your face green and instruct all of your friends to call you by the name of a certain wind instrument. -Moth

281.) You correct people for saying Ri-O-Ga instead of Ryo-o-ga -Charles

282.) Your Japanese speech is Okayama dialect because you watch too much Tenchi Muyou -Charles

283.) You spell Tenchi Muyou, Ryouga, and Ukyou with a “U” -Charles

284.) You’ve ever wished that your favorite actress would perform a naked bungee jump -Charles

285.) You wonder who would win in a fight: Sailor Moon vs. Pretty Sami -Charles

286.) You refuse to watch Dirty Pair Flash, Pretty Sami, or Bubblegum Crash… on principal -Charles

287.) You can spot the discrepancies between Iria (The anime) and Zeiram (The live-action movie) -Charles

288.) You base your sub vs. dub decision on which American company is releasing the video (ie. Animeigo-sub… ADV-dub.) -Charles

289.) You participated in the SOS campaign even though you can’t stand Sailor Moon -Charles

290.) You’ve ever attempted to laugh like Naaga, Kodachi, Aeka etc. even though you are a man -Charles

300.) You’ve ever read a subtitle and shouted “That’s not what (s)he said!” -Charles