You’re an Otaku If…

801.) Your friends all have Sailor Scout names and fuku, and have actually worn them in public (bonus points if not on Halloween) (both true) -Cerulite

802.) Your little sister has ever mistaken you for an anime character (bonus if they actually ask, “What did you do with __?”) (both true) -Cerulite

803.) You’ve actually convinced your little sister to be Sailor Moon for Halloween… and her best friend (who you know is just right for her) to be Tuxedo Mask (bonus points if you do it without telling either of them that the other is dressing up until it’s too late, ie: walking in the door to pick up her friend) (both true evil snicker) -Cerulite

804.) You’ve spent the entire night looking at every anime drinking game you can find so you can find something nobody else has (true) (bonus points if you succeed) (not true whimper) -Cerulite

805.) You’re known as “Well, actually…” in the local anime club (true) -Cerulite

806.) That’s all for now! I shall prolly come up with a few more eventually (feel free to just reply to this with a “You’re a weirdo! Go away!” email if you wish) -Cerulite

807.) You’ve ever thrown your cat out the window to see if it turned into a spaceship -Ranamaguytype

808.) On long trips you make it a point to stop at a hotel in every town along the way and check in — just so you can restart at that point. -Naoto Kimura

809.) As far as DVD-video is concerned you could care less about region 1, region 2 is the thing to play! -Naoto Kimura

810.) You feel that Sukhoi goofed in painting the Berkut black — it should’ve been painted red with yellow trim. -Naoto Kimura

811.) You’re suprised that an article about UAVs in a major aviation magazine didn’t cover the Ghost X-9. -Naoto Kimura

812.) Your favorite jewels happen to be Prince Diamond, Saffiru, and Rubeus…. -V-chan

813.) At the top of your Christmas wish list, you wrote “A mobile Suit”, but then, decided to be more realistic and wrote “Akira’s motorcycle” instead. (In purple!! ^^’) -V-chan

814.) You check your forehead for any symbols, eyes, ect…(hell, you never know…^_~) -V-chan

815.) You want a cool third eye that hynotizes like Prince Diamond’s. (^_^ Me want!! Me want!!!) -V-chan

816.) Your main goal in life is to somehow reach the anime world!! (And if you succeed, tell me how!!! ^_^) -V-chan

817.) When at an interview you are asked what you do, and you answer “I fly cats” -Mr. Maigo

818.) Waking up after an all nighter you find you lost the ability to seporate anime for real life (it was really funny!) -Mr. Maigo

819.) You refuse to have a gf/bf that watches anime because you think it’ll make your tapes last longer. -Mr. Maigo

820.) You’ve recorded and translated the Simpsons episode where they go to japan. -Mr. Maigo

821.) You’re friends call you Mr Manga… if you know they should. -Mr. Maigo

822.) You buy the game “Oni” for the cover art, then see the reflective cover in the light and coment on how it brings out her eyes. -Mr. Maigo

823.) You have almost had your manga taken away from you at school just because she was taking shower/swining… (stay away from my manga!!!) -Mr. Maigo

824.) If you know what FKiss is in japanese and you can spell it. -Mr. Maigo

825.) You try selling your soul for the rest of the Silent Mobius manga… then you remember you sold it for C&C Tibearian Sun (DAMN IT!) -Mr. Maigo

826.) You wish Tenchi was real so you could kick his butt for making Ryoko cry… Bring it on!!! -Mr. Maigo

827.) If your worse enemy is a Little Black Pig… and the Kendo Club Leader that loves you, and his sister that loves you too, and… -Mr. Maigo

828.) You get mad when they just use “Baka” when they sub “IDIOT!” (thank you Tenchi Muyo in Love) -Mr. Maigo

829.) You demand they play Washu’s Lullaby and Ryoko’s Love Song for the slow songs at your prom, then Photon, Proton, Synchrotron for the faster songs… extra points if you scare your “Otaku” date when you have all the versions on a Mini-Disk, hiden in your cumberbun (its going to kick ass) -Mr. Maigo

830.) The only WinAmp skins you have are of Ryoko… or the one with Ryo-ohki and the bubble-wrap. -Mr. Maigo

831.) You spend a week scouring every corner of the net for a fansubbed version of an anime movie because you’re not satisfied that the English release is telling you the WHOLE story, and it’s driving you absolutely insane! -Falcon

832.) You may have to fight over Ranma… (heh heh) -Bartonfoundation

833.) You don’t get away from the TV very often -Bartonfoundation

834.) You fight over stupid things such as the spelling of characters’ names. (He still thinks that Mamoru’s English name is spelled Darion) -Bartonfoundation

835.) You go to the mall together only when you know that your favorite store has gotten the newest anime -Bartonfoundation

836.) Your idea of foreplay is both you and your girlfriend getting dressed up in sailor moon costumes and attacking pedestrians. -Monkspace

837.) You have intense conversations with your friends about whether or not pokemon is worthy of being called an anime and you always start the argument with “That Damn Pikachu… I hate him so much!!” -Monkspace

838.) You punch rocks with your fist and expect them to break. -Monkspace

839.) You wish a space pirate would land in your backyard. -Monkspace

840.) You have a Japanese flag in your room. -Monkspace

841.) You wish that time travel was possible so you could meet Dr. Osamu Tezuka. -Monkspace

842.) The funniest thing you’ve ever read is the Otaku if list -Monkspace

843.) Someone’s asked a question and you answer “Hai”. They say “What?”, and again you say “Hai”. After a long uncomfortable pause they say “hello”. -Monkspace

844.) You know what Hai means in Japanese, if you don’t GET A JAPANESE-ENGLISH DICTIONARY NOW!! -Monkspace

845.) Your currently working on a plan to eliminate all other forms of entertainment besides anime. -Monkspace

846.) You carved a sword handle like Tenchi’s but was surprised when an energy blade didn’t come out. -Monkspace

847.) When you get angry at your boss you call him a “Baka” to his face and tell him it means “your brilliant”. -Monkspace

848.) You end all of your sentances with “nyo”, “nyu”, or “gema”. -Cirendae

849.) You’ve ever heard of Virus Buster Serge (Double Bonue Points!!! Someone has to have heard of this anime other then me!!!) -Whitney Levine

850.) You knew about Tenshi Kinryouku two years before it came out ^.^ -Whitney Levine

851.) You plan on wearing a Sera Fuku to a non anime con (tee hee next year and I’ll even have leather boots) -Whitney Levine

852.) You’re using this list as a list of life goals -Whitney Levine

853.) People don’t even notice when you speak Japanese anymore…..and their starting to say the words to -Whitney Levine

854.) You memorized a weird chant you found in an insult book last year….and you still remember it -Whitney Levine

855.) You can’t remeber to do your homework but you’ve memorized a three minute speach from a Vocal CD (that is after you romanized it) -Whitney Levine

856.) Ever gone Christmas caroling and forgot to sing the English version of popular Christmas carols …..Omedatou Kurisumasu..Omedatou Kurisumasu ^.^ -Whitney Levine

857.) Taken an anime purity test and were disappointed when it was above 85% -Whitney Levine

858.) Frighten people with you’re Naga laugh cause it’s just to damn realistic -Whitney Levine

859.) Some one asks you to sing and you can’t think of a single English song -Whitney Levine

860.) You eat, sleep and, breath providing you can find a place to buy Two Mix cd’s -Whitney Levine

861.) You’re ashamed of only having 36 anime tapes (and I’m only 15) -Whitney Levine

862.) People don’t ask you why you like anime because they know you just can’t explain you just know you do -Whitney Levine

863.) You’ve ever frightened a Japanese exchange student -Whitney Levine

864.) Memorized anime themes and played them on an instrument(true!) -Whitney Levine

865.) You have moon rods from two different series and one brooch in your locker at school and randomly make them make noise at people -Whitney Levine

866.) You’ve cried when a favorite anime cd got scratched beyond the point of playability then shouted omae o Korosu at it -Whitney Levine

867.) You go through anime catalogs to see what you already own and laugh when there isn’t much left -Whitney Levine

868.) Teachers can’t read your notes because there all in Hiragana or Katakana -Whitney Levine

869.) You’ve ever cried after losing all picture files for a certain anime (…I had over a 1,000!!!) -Whitney Levine

870.) You play the Drinking Game with water or soda pop because you’re too young to drink alcohol (TRUE!!!) – Mamono Hunter Becky-chan

871.) You bought the Barenaked Ladies CD, “Stunt”, just for the reference to Sailor Moon…..and sushi! -P-Ko

872.) You get mad when American-made games, movies, etc. use mechas, and get even more mad when it’s SPELLED WRONG! -P-Ko

873.) You’ve gotten into arguments about who should be with Ranma. (AKANE!!!) -P-Ko

874.) Your parents start correcting their coworkers about anime…and they’ve NEVER SEEN IT! -P-Ko

875.) You find absolutely nothing funny about the name “Banana Fish”. (My relatives thought it was funky) -P-Ko

876.) You are completely literate in Japanese, but you can’t understand a word of Spanish….and you’ve been taking the class for 3 years. -P-Ko

877.) You get mad when Westerners call sushi “raw fish” (Sushi is the RICE!!!) – P-Ko

878.) You believe that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a copy of Samurai Pizza Cats (The martial arts! The pizza!) – P-Ko

879.) You believe that ALL waitresses should wear those frilly pink aprons. – P-Ko

880.) You start reading American books from left to right. – P-Ko

881.) You and your friend have custody battles for anime guys. (I get Carrot on weekdays and Vash on weekends, M-Ko gets Vash on weekdays and Carrot on weekends) – P-Ko

882.) You keep photocopies of your VHS copies of your DVD copies of your anime. -Lady Coco4eva.

883.) When you get carried away with anime names in front of non-otaku, that you can almost see their heads spinning. -Rhiannon

884.) You watch Animutations and say ‘I knew the song before it!’ and no one cares. – Tuxedo Kamen Umino

885.) You move to Toronto, Vancouver, or Fort Worth just to mock the dubbers. – Tuxedo Kamen Umino

886.) You can name at least 4 hentais. – Tuxedo Kamen Umino

887.) You start putting on sunglasses just to see if you go chibi. – Tuxedo Kamen Umino

888.) If thorough all your 1st hour chemistry test you wish that Ami Mizouno (Sailor Mercury) was there to help you. -Usagi Moon

889.) You run around singing “We Love Anime” in the tune of “We are Family” (Sadly True) -Usagi Moon

890.) You refer to your subtitled Sailor Stars tapes as ‘Your Babys’ (Bounus if you also say that you lost your virginity to a video…9 times…both true for me) -Usagi Moon

891.) If you have visions of the world ending and Sailor Saturn coming to save you. -Usagi Moon

892.) If you constently wish that you lived in Tokyo so you could see if there really is a TLC that hunts down arigami. -Usagi Moon

893.) If you acutually sit down and watch Pokemon beacuse your on a quest to be able to see ‘all and every anime’ -Usagi Moon

894.) You say turn up the volume.. even though your watching subtitled anime and don’t understand a word of Japanese. -Denaar

895.) You read a novel and pause to think about how you would animate this part.. even sometimes writing notes about it. -Denaar

896.) When your teacher takes attendence and calls your name you say hai! imasu! – then relize your not in japanese class. -Denaar

897.) When you have all the salior scouts special attack scenes on your computer, make a list to play them in a row, follow along with them and use them as a workout video (true – one of my friends.. actually lost weight too) -Denaar

898.) Your nickname based on a anime movie/episode (TRUE!) -Moonlight Rambler

899.) After seeing hentai, you want to be a tentacle! Or have them… (TRUE….sort of) -Moonlight Rambler

900.) The whole night you see ????? in spite of that on the following morning you must go on work! (TRUE!) – Moonlight Rambler