Why male Otakus don’t get Girlfriends …

1.) She hears you talking with your otaku friends about your true feelings for Min-Mei.

2.) Most women are scared off when you request that they call you “Tenchi-sama” in bed.

3.) She drops in unexpectedly when you’re watching Wandering Kid, and is not convinced by your claims that it is an art film.

4.) It’s against your religion to have a girlfriend; you have devoted your life to Belldandy.

5.) Locking yourself in your room all weekend with the Orange Road LD Box Set and a case of Sapporo Ichiban isn’t the best way to meet women.

6.) SHE didn’t think that she would “look cute” in that sailor fuku. …or with her hair dyed green.

7.) She didn’t like the way you mumbled “Noriko-chan… SUKI DA!” in your sleep.

8.) The shrine and burning incense around your original Tendo Nabiki cel was “just too damn weird”.

9.) four words: Misty May Garage Kit

10.) That complete set of Video Girl Ai telephone cards is not as much of a “babe magnet” as you had hoped.

11.) After spending your grocery money for the next five years on the Urusei Yatsura LD 50, you’re really not in a position to be taking girlfriends out for romantic dinners.

12.) You still feel bound by that childhood oath to marry Elle …no no, wait… that was UY Movie 1, wasn’t it….?

13.) When they see their girlfriend (5 seconds before she dumps him) he calls her Bulma without even thinking and gets the slap. -Kate Raberba

14.) If taking her out to dinner, you always go to those really cheap sushi places and yell out a little oral argument between Aeka and Ryoko fighting over Tenchi with your mouth full of the California rolls and tempura shrimp. -Kate Raberba

15.) You say loving stuff to her in Japanese when she can’t even understand you. She tells you to shut up, you don’t as if you didn’t hear her, and she gives you the finger and walks out the door and slams it. -Kate Raberba

16.) You can remember the exact age, birthday, favorite color, ect., of any girl on Tenchi Muyo! and their immediate family, yet you seem to forget her birthday. -Sontaku

17.) She thought that life sized Usagi blowup doll was just “Way to creepy”. -Sontaku

18.) Your to late, she’s already pledged her life to Trunks. -Sontaku

19.) She didn’t agree that wearing a sailor fuku to school was a sign of your eternal love. -Sontaku

20.) Who needs real women when you can have Asuka? -Sontaku

21.) Ramen and EVA aren’t exactly a girl’s idea of dinner and a movie. -Lupin_IV