You’re an Otaku If…

1.) You refer to your old beat-up 1982 Datsun as “my mobile suit”. -Mike Toole

2.) You consider a career in devil hunting. -Kellie Smith

3.) If you cry out the name of an anime character while in the middle of making
love, you might be a redneck (oops) … otaku! -Jei Harvey

4.) You find nothing unusual about the idea of three sword-slinging female
high-school students saving the universe with the aid of a giant, obnoxious bunny. -Mike Toole

5.) You have a serious discussion with another man at an anime club meeting
about the difficulties of reproducing Sailor Moon Eternal’s puffy shoulder pads on a costume. -David A. Brown

6.) You have been known to pour hot water on pigs, cats, and ducks, just to see what
will happen. -Mike Toole

7.) You name your children, car, pets, computer, or other objects after anime
characters…and defend your decision… “Oh come on! What do you mean my cel phone
doesn’t look like Lum! It’s got stripes!” -Cristoff Westimer

8.) You come to Animecca and don’t leave…for a few years. -Eviluser

9.) You begin to sing the theme songs in Japanese even though you don’t know
Japanese. -Alex Woo

10.) PSYCHIC WAVE! -Dan Thomas

11.) You try to meteo smash your little brother. -ESUNICO

12.) When you start thinking in Japanese but with English
subtitles..heheAHAAHAHAHA.. -YuGaTA

13.) When you name your babies Chibi-sumptin. -YuGaTA

14.) When you turn down a college cause they ain’t got a decent anime
club. -YuGaTA

15.) When you start taking Japanese…I am planning to..hehe -YuGaTA

16.) When your teacher starts calling you Sangokuu. -YuGaTA

17.) When your parents starts calling you Sangokuu. -YuGaTA

18.) When you are in college to study how to pilot Bio-Mechs. -YuGaTA

19.) When your girlfriend starts calling you Darien. -YuGaTA

20.) When your dream girl looks like Belldandy. -YuGaTA

21.) When you look up the Merciful and Helpful Goddess Office hotline in
da phonebook. -YuGaTA

22.) When you feel a little bit more powerful after screaming your head
off. -YuGaTA

23.) If you start daydreaming that your girlfriend or boyfriend is an anime
character. -Marella

24.) If you believe that your girlfriend or boyfriend will be an anime
character! -Marella

25.) You start wearing sailor moon underwear -Marella

26.) You try to put your hair up like usagi and you tell people it’s the new
hair style. -Marella

27.) You start trying to form energy balls and try to do the dragon slave…or
some other spell or energy attack -Marella

28.) If you throw you cat or rabbit into the air hoping it will become a
spaceship! -Jon

29.) If you try to feed your cat carrots! -Jon

30.) If you pick up a sword and start yelling “LIGHT COME FORTH!” -Jon

31.) If you grow rrrreeeeeaaaalllllyyyy long hair and wear huge
shoulderpads. -Jon

32.) You and a friend have an endless dicussion about valkyrie
transformation and how impossible it is by watching Macross Plus scenes
in slow-motion. -Barry

33.) You see yourself in Otaku no Video. -Barry

34.) You start sweating really BIG tear drops. -Barry

35.) You go to arcades reciting all the Street Fighter and King of
Fighter characters lines while playing. -Barry

36.) You go to chinatown to look for any anime paraphenelia and buy it…
because your an…. OTAKU!!!! -Barry

37.) If you stop in the middle of a test and start yelling: “I am Hiashi
Mishiba head of the Mishiba-seibatzu HaHaHa(paranoic laughs).” -rserna

38.) Every time you get a headache you hear “AKIRA!” -Evil-Greedo

39.) You sing along with the kids in the beginning/end of sailormoon. -Evil-Greedo

40.) You can’t get the Voltron music out of your head, and hum it
uncontrolably. -Evil-Greedo

41.) You’ve seen one anime over 100 times. -Evil-Greedo

42.) When you start styling your hair like the Vegeta. -YuGaTA

43.) When you know what NIPPON ANIME means. -YuGaTA

44.) When you notice your life’s soundtrack sounds like the Evangelion theme song. -YuGaTA

45.) When you start crying and tears actually fly higher than your head. -YuGaTA

46.) When you wink uncontrollably. -YuGaTA

47.) When you start saying Japanese nonsense and bust out da peace sign. -YuGaTA

48.) When you wear a sailor suit at a public school. -YuGaTA

49.) When you correct peeps for pronouncing “ANIME” incorrectly. -YuGaTA

50.) When you put an entry on “You might be an OTAKU if..” -YuGaTA

51.) When you put more than one entry on “You might be an OTAKU if..” -YuGaTA

52.) When you speak Korean trying to play it off as Japanese. -YuGaTA

53.) When you take an art class and cuss cause Japanese Cartoon Art is next semester. -YuGaTA

54.) When you read all the way down this far the list of OTAKU jokes. -YuGaTA

55.) Somone reconizes your anime T-Shirt and you immediatly have to strike a
converstion with them, which ends in them saying, “Uh, im gonna go…over
there…” -Bokugajin

56.) When you get nervous a giant drop falls down your face. -Bokugajin

57.) On your Storys you write for english, there is always a side note written by
the teacher: Whats a Mecha? -Bokugajin

58.) You think minnmei is sexy AND smart! -Bokugajin

59.) You refer to your school lunch as Queen Feral, and after eating it you cry
out trimphantly “You fought well, but you are no match for my moon tierra
power.” -Bokugajin

60.) If you get offended and send hate mail when you find somthing NOT anime on a
prodominantly anime web site. -Bokugajin

61.) You have hurt yourself trying to do “That cool thing Kaneda did” on your
bike. -Bokugajin

62.) You are genuinely suprised when your fireball spell dosn’t work, and the
school bully kicks your ass. -Bokugajin

63.) You have ever took a shot at Mickey and hit. -Bokugajin

64.) You’re afraid to get splashed by cold water eeep!– Cynthia

65.) You are an otaku if you start feeling going sd form when something goes
wrong. -mpetilo

66.) when you start throwing roses at peoples for no reason, except maybe
beleiving they are holding your princess captive. -mpetilo

67.) You memorized every single anime song that you’ve heard. -mpetilo

68.) you have you hair done anime style -mpetilo

69.) you start looking for the rainbow crystals -mpetilo

70.) you buy sailor moon’s wand and start yelling out the attacks at everyone -mpetilo

71.) you name your kids after anime characters and make them grow up looking
like one. -mpetilo

72.) you get some toliet paper write something on it and try to stick it on
people’s forhead to see what happens -mpetilo

73.) you got your whole family watching anime…even your grandparents! -mpetilo

74.) you start eating like usagi -mpetilo

75.) you dream about food like Miaka -mpetilo

76.) you weat a hat (like chichiri’s of fushigi yuugi) and try to disappear
under it when you get in trouble with your parents. -mpetilo

77.) You find Shun or Shiryu to be better company than your current
boyfriend. -Tempy

78.) You dye your hair lime green so it matches your pink armor. -Tempy

79.) You actually own a pink armor. -Tempy

80.) Your nose actually bleeds when a cute girl bends over. -Dang

81.) You think perverted thoughts a lot. -Dang

82.) You tell your boyfriend he better learn how to defy gravity or else. -Tempy

83.) You spent half an hour trying to think up one liners proving that you’re
an otaku! -Tempy

84.) You blast anime soundtracks from your car even though people look at you
funny. -Tempy

85.) You make up words as you sing along.. and people look at you real funny. -Tempy

86.) You listen to weird midis on your computer that the average Joe would
find highly interesting (sarcastically speaking). -Tempy

87.) You remind yourself that you’re not the average Joe when you get beat up
at school because you put Elmer’s glue in your hair so that it would
stick up funky like Sangokuu’s. -Tempy

88.) You wonder why you are surprisingly disappointed when an anime song
doesn’t make Billboard’s Top 40. -Dangy

89.) Your life is nothing but anime, and when your sister tells you you’re
pathetic all you want to do is grab an oversized hammer and whack her on
the head as she runs around in SD. -Tempy

90.) You know what SD stands for, but your sister thinks it’s some kind of
drug. -Tempy

91.) You sleep and there’s a big snot bubble coming out of your
nose…inflating, deflating, inflating, deflating… -Tempy

92.) You actually don’t find the previous entry disgusting… or at the very
least, strange. -Tempy

93.) You get blown into the air by an enemy’s fireball attack and don’t even
scream, but when he steps on your hand with his high heel shoes you cry
out in agony. -Tempy

94.) You don’t find a guy with blue hair, red lipstick, high heels, and a
pink armor a little strange. -Tempy

95.) You find it cool to walk around with a rose in your mouth, thorns and
all. -Tempy

96.) You actually throw a rose to announce your presence. (A rose which, may
I add, turns black when you are brainwashed by Queen Feral). -Tempy

97.) You actually used the word “debrainwashed” in your vocabulary at some
point in your life. -Tempy

98.) You think you can debrainwash a guy wearing a mask, but you can’t
program a VCR. -Tempy

99.) You watch Sailor Moon so much that you memorized every single line. -Tempy

100.) You put mute when you watch an anime and fill in the dialogues yourself,
high-pitched voices and all. -Dang