You’re an Otaku If…

1001.) You’ve actually thought about kidnapping the voice actors/actresses and making them your spouse. -JJ

1002.) You expect to see subtitles under every show on tv. -JJ

1003.) When they speak English, and you can understand it, you suddenly think you finally learned Japanese. -JJ

1004.) You go all the way to another town just to spend your last 4 months pay check on anime posters, figurines, DVDs, soundtracks, collectables, need I continue? -JJ

1005.) You’ve become a legend in your city as the hermit who only leaves to get more DVDs and Ichiban. -JJ

1006.) You’ve watched an anime series so many times that you yell at the TV whenever a character is about to do something that causes a bad thing to happen. -Avalon

1007.) You attempt to attack your TV when you find out your favorite anime show is cancelled for some lame a$$ american show (it’s happened) -Avalon

1008.) You’ve started to have a strange fixation with attacking black-haired girls with glue on nails yelling,’You do not deserve the Shikon no Tama! Give it to me!’ -Avalon

1009.) You feel that your soul mission is to get everyone addicted to anime. -Avalon

1010.) You have fun confusing anyone who doesn’t know anything about anime or manga. -Avalon

1011.) You make a fanfic for any anime you watch or manga you read with your own characters added in. -Avalon

1012.) You can create a character for any anime or manga that you’ve seen. -Avalon

1013.) You have an uncanny ability to appear in any room that has an anime on the televison. -Avalon

1014.) You do nothing, but watch anime, read mangas, and work to earn money to buy anime and mangas. Eating, sleeping, and seeing friends is unheard of in your life. -Avalon

1015.) All your friends are as addicted to anime and manga as you and you’re proud of it (True) -Avalon

1016.) When someone bullies you, you start quoting your favorite anime battle scene lines and scare the hell out of the bully. -Avalon

1017.) No matter what situation it is, you always quote lines from an anime or a manga randomly. -Avalon

1018.) Your room is nothing but anime and manga. -Avalon

1019.) Your mp3 player only has three american songs on it and the rest of it has japanese songs. -Avalon

1020.) You spent a whole day listening to japanese songs and watching subbed animes that when someone talks to you all you do is stare at them blankly and don’t understand them. (it’s happened) -Avalon

1021.) You can perfectly duplicate the movements or battle stances of your fave character(s) (TRUE) -Avalon

1022.) You attack anyone who talks about how your fave character would look like with a sex change (TRUE! One of my friends does that to my fave male characters!) -Avalon

1023.) You have a hit list of people to get revenge upon because they insulted anime. (TRUE!) -Avalon

1024.) You’ve actually gotten revenge on those people. (I have a few ideas on revenge) -Avalon

1025.) You travel to japan, spend your life savings without batting an eye, and end up hitchhiking your way back to your home. -Avalon

1026.) You attempt to jump into the TV in desperate attempts to get at a bishonen/bishoujo (i think i spelled that wrong) (Kinda true! I stuck my face to a TV once to get closer to InuYasha ^_^) -Avalon

1027.) You attempt to get into the TV because you want to be in the Anime world. -Avalon

1028.) You spend your life searching for a portal to the anime world or a fantasy world where you can FIND the anime people.(I would!) -Avalon

1029.) You have a list of bishonen/bishoujo and you drool whenever you see pics of them. (Hell yes!) -Avalon

1030.) You and your friends have actually created your own anime in an attempt to become one with the anime world. (I’m workin’ on it) -Avalon

1031.) You only watch anime, play games of japanese origin (Like the Final Fantasy Series), and listen to japanese songs. (Nearly true! The FF series is about the only RPG I’ve ever liked) -Avalon

1032.) You’ve become notorious for either flirting, stalking, or drooling over any guy with long hair because of anime.(HELL YES!!!) -Avalon

1033.) You douse cats, pandas, and little black pigs with hot water in hopes that they’ll turn into Shampoo/Mr.Saotomi/Ryouga. -Avalon

1034.) Animals and people run in fear if you’re holding a cup or kettle of water -Avalon

1035.) You take a fencing class and attempt to call upon the power of Dios while fighting. -Avalon

1036.) You’ve characters to specific days, so you can dress in either their fave color or a costume. (I’ve tried it before!) -Avalon

1037.) Your motto is “Anime is life!” -Avalon

1038.) You can actually move your mouth as if speaking in japanese, but somehow speak in english. -Avalon

1039.) You actually rented a cabin in the mountains and trained to become a super saiyan, thinking that the cabin was actually the hyperbolic time chamber. -Avalon

1040.) You run in terror from the color pink. -Avalon

1041.) You spend your whole life in hopes of controling ki/magic powers/ transforming/or ect -Avalon

1042.) You snap your finger and yell out a gundam name in hopes that it’ll rise out of the ground. -Avalon

1043.) You always carry five cards around plus the card you think would be your crest if you were part of the shuffle allience. (I wanted to do Queen of Spades, but that was already taken.) -Avalon

1044.) You’ve tried to fly around on an oar like Botan. -Avalon

1045.) You haven’t had a date because none of the guys at school are as sexy as any of the bishonen in anime. -Avalon

1046.) Your dream house will have one or more floors devoted to anime. -Avalon

1047.) You make voodoo dolls of the characters you hate and are disappointed and surprised when they don’t work (TRUE!) -Avalon

1048.) You own plushies of all your fave characters. -Avalon

1049.) You were the only one to show up at a Halloween party dressed as an anime character and were half disappointed when no one knew who you were. (TRUE!) -Phenomena

1050.) You call your father Gendou Ikari. -Phenomena

1051.) You and a fellow otaku get into fights over who’s a bigger otaku (TRUE!) -Phenomena

1052.) “No da” becomes part of your speech pattern. (TRUE!) -Phenomena

1053.) When your friends are talking about fave pop singers and everyone’s answering Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, N’Sync, etc. you respond with Ayumi Hamasaki or Sharon Apple. -Phenomena

1054.) You own more Sharon Apple songs than your pop-loving friend does her fave. -Phenomena

1055.) You have tried getting Jagan implantations. -Phenomena

1056.) You believe you were a youko before you were born. -Phenomena

1057.) Everytime you see something non-anime (Star Wars, any Disney movie, etc) you feel compelled to write a self-insert fic. -Phenomena

1058.) You try to fire a Spirit Gun. -Phenomena

1059.) You nickname your white car your Eva-00 unit. -Phenomena

1060.) You leave on the closed captioning on your TV because you don’t understand the English as well as you read hiragana. -Randy De Land

1061.) Spent half of your college tuition on anime tapes/DVDs (True …unforunitely) -Dark Lotus

1062.) If you have ever worked for anime … Literally (true) -Dark Lotus

1063.) If you’ve ever watch anything, and didn’t notice it was subtitled (true) -Dark Lotus

1064.) Filled out a credit card application as fav anime character (true)-Dark Lotus

1065.) If your eyes are abnormally large” and “When you sleep, a large bubble comes from your nose -Joe Fuller

1066.) You apply for a Masters degree in American Studies and spend your entire Statement of Purpose trying to convince the admission committee that it is essential that you elucidate the link between anime and American Pop Culture to the unschooled masses. -Vulkurt

1067.) You start making a sub-plot to your everyday life (guilty) -rabbit

1068.) Whenever you have a problem you start mumbling “I mustn’t run away”. -Jeff

1069.) When you see someone do something stupid you mumble “baka”. -Jeff

1070.) You walk 5 miles to rent the 8 tape of evangelion because your parent won’t take you (not to mention walking back, the most excersice I have ever done, all in the name of anime). -Jeff

1071.) You start noticing the quietiest person in class and start to take interest. -Jeff

1072.) You actually wear your home-made kitty ears to school i do! -cat girl pyro

1073.) You wish you were inuyasha just to hold Kagome in your arms. “cough cough” -Scott

1074.) More than half of these apply to you…. from the first page. – Stephen Schuler

1075.) You grow up wanting to be a Bio-engineer so you can build/Grow your own Eva (TRUE) -Stephen Schuler

1076.) You believe you do have an AT Field, but always seems to fail when the bully’s hand connects. Then you wonder why, while lying one the ground. -Stephen Schuler

1077.) Your hoping one day while your practicing with your Katana, that you pull it from the sheth to reviel the mighty Testsiga -Stephen Schuler

1078.) Your car has the NERV logo on it (TRUE, I’ve seen it) -Stephen Schuler

1079.) Your hoping that one day Asuka and Rei will fuse together to have one hot, kick-a$$ chick! Then wonder what the name would be… Asei? Ruska? -Stephen Schuler

1080.) You use Inu-Yasha for a report on feudal Japan -Sailor Fusion

1081.) You start to wonder who would make a good live action Inu-Yasha -Sailor Fusion

1082.) You can name the blood types, birthdays, fav foods, weaknesses ect. of all the Sailor Senshi -Sailor Fusion

1083.) Have your locker wallpapered with anime pictures -Sailor Fusion

1084.) Daydream about being a new Sailor Senshi in Sailor Moon -Sailor Fusion

1085.) You took violin lessons to learn to play like Sailor Neptune -Sailor Fusion

1086.) Cry thinking about them editing Sailor Moonsniff -Sailor Fusion

1087.) You have strait A’s in order to be like Amy/Sailor Mercury -Sailor Fusion

1088.) Try to make Sailor Neptune’s attacks that work on the violin actually work -Sailor Fusion

1089.) Buy as many crystals and lockets as possible in order to see if you’ll transform into a Sailor Senshi -Sailor Fusion

1090.) Stopped eating carrots in order to be like Usagi -Sailor Fusion

1091.) You get your 100% authentic manga books taken up in reading class just because you were reading them “backwards” -fairviewgurl7426

1092.) You tried to start an anime chat room, but unfortunatly your gallant attempt failed. -fairviewgurl7426

1093.) Your boyfriend broke up with you just because you skipped your date to watch a 4 hour marathon of inu-yasha -fairviewgurl7426

1094.) Your parents have given you a “gameboy curfew” just because of that one week that you got no sleep because you just had to get that damned picachu up to level 100. -fairviewgurl7426

1095.) The guy/girl you daydream about constantly looks suspiciously like a character from an anime -OtakuKat

1096.) Your parents ask you what you want to be when you grow up and you reply,”A shinobi!!”(or mecha pilot, sailor scout, etc.) -OtakuKat

1097.) You spend more time reading manga and watching anime than sleeping. -OtakuKat

1098.) Your friends tell you about the latest radio hit and you respond with,”Oh, the one by Yoko Kanno(or another Japanese song writer)! Yeah, isn’t it awesome!” and fail to notice your friends’ blank stares. -OtakuKat

1099.) Whenever you go to a dance, you request songs by Mika Nakashima, Yoko Kanno, and other various anime singers. -OtakuKat

1100.) You open up every sealed book from your dad’s old and creepy basement libary to see if any magical cards or yelo furry winged animals r inside…in case you are looking for hidden magic within yourself… -Lee Tai Chi