You’re an Otaku If…

501.) You think your a Super Elite sayian warrior -SS_Goku

502.) If you have heard Gohan’s “I love Mr. Piccolo” song enough that you can recitite it perfectly -SS_Goku

503.) You spent your entire savings searching for Koran tower to get some Sensu beans -SS_Goku

504.) Your friends call you Goku -SS_Goku

505.) If you shout KAMEHAMEHA!!!!! When your teacher gives you detention for shouting KAMEHAMEHA!!!!! -SS_Goku

506.) You purchase the “Mononoke Hime” LD because the domestic release date got pushed back four months. (TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

507.) You purchase the Evangelion films on LD because the domestic release date is still up in the air. (TRUE!) -Baka-Shinji

508.) You spend hours on the Web trying to grab script translations of your recent LD purchases. (TRUE!!!) -Baka-Shinji

509.) You scour the countryside and Web trying to find info on and stuff from “Kodomo no Omocha” after seeing only FOUR episodes of it! (TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

510.) You actually know what “Kodomo no Omocha” is. -Baka-Shinji

511.) . . . And you still want more of it! -Baka-Shinji

512.) You actually sing along to “Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku” during the pre-battle scenes of Utena, or when the song comes up on the CD player. Otaku-King-in-Training if you sing during the karaoke version! (TRUE!!) -Baka-Shinji

513.) Your fake ID states your age as fourteen, just in case NERV needs an extra pilot. Even if you’ve got more gray hair than Fuyutsuki. -Baka-Shinji

514.) You’re constantly correcting your mother for calling it “Ani-ME.” -Baka-Shinji

515.) You go to your local hardware store trying to find that Heavenly Skuld Bug-Bashing Hammer with the telescoping handle that extends to eight times its original length with the push of a button. -Baka-Shinji

516.) You were recently involved in this discussion: “Separated at Birth! Sana from ‘Kodomo’ and Asuka from ‘Eva?’ YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!” -Baka-Shinji

517.) You’ve made it through reading all 500+ entries in this list! (WHEW!) -Baka-Shinji

518.) You recite a motto whenever you enter a room. -GlitGrrl

519.) You make your own costume and wear it at all times. -GlitGrrl

520.) If your wedding cake is a doll of you and deedlit. -WTis913071

521.) You run around screaming pikachu you’re mine. -WTis913071

522.) Your car is a gundam model 01 -WTis913071

523.) You use the word “Moogle” in everyday conversation. -WTis913071

524.) You get into fights and yell pokeball gooo!!!!! and throw your gameboy at bullies. -WTis913071

525.) You can compile a list of Japanese phrases you learnt from anime. And its ten pages long. -Mechamorph

526.) Your tongue sticks out and a Kanji appears as you say “Ara” whenever you’re surprised -Mechamorph

527.) You look up whenever climbing a long flight of stairs hoping to see a red straw hat (remember Kimagure Orange Road?) -Mechamorph

528.) You never watch TV anymore except for anime. -Mechamorph

529.) You’ve actually checked out antique weapon dealers looking for a Saka-batoh -Mechamorph

530.) You address all women as “-donno” -Mechamorph

531.) You long to live during the Bakamatsu -Mechamorph

532.) When you go to a dojo and you’re disappointed they don’t teach Matsubeta Kakato Ryu, Himen Mitsugiri Ryu, Panzer Kunst, Shotokan Karate or similar styles. -Mechamorph

533.) You try to block oncoming punches with your Light Hawk Wings -Mechamorph

534.) When your dream girl is Mayuka (from Manatsu no Eve, TM OAV) -Mechamorph

535.) When you reflexively call your girlfriend “Kawaiikune Otemba-chan” -Mechamorph

536.) You splash hot water on your tomboy girlfriend just to make sure!! -WTis913071

537.) You know what they means by “anything goes marial arts” -WTis913071

538.) You do have a girlfriend and she’s only your girlfriend because a strand of her hair resembles belldandi’s. -WTis913071

539.) Your girlfriend has “special powers.” -WTis913071

540.) You’re a japanese nerd(hey somebody had to say the real meaning!) -WTis913071

541.) You think sailormoon is the stupidest show in the world …but you can’t stop watchin’ it. -WTis913071

542.) You tell your friends dragonball z is stupid and they kammmeeeyyyyyaaa meeeeyyaa!!you. -WTis913071

543.) All your friends turn into animals when they get wet. -WTis913071

544.) You “sense” things. -WTis913071

545.) You get wacked with a giant mallet on a daily basis. -WTis913071

546.) You look in the phone book for the “goddess relief office”(hey they never said it was unlisted!) -WTis913071

547.) You splash water on all the animals in your house. -WTis913071

548.) Your father was in “the wholy knights of valice.” -WTis913071

549.) You know the entire beginnig and ending samurai pizza cats songs.(true!!) -WTis913071

550.) You know the entire pokerap(true again). -WTis913071

551.) You scream”ahhhh my pigtailed goddess!i don’t care if you’re a guy i still love you(definitly not true!). -WTis913071

552.) You start sentences with “scoundral that i am…..” -WTis913071

553.) There’s nothing funny to you about the titile “BUBBLEGUM!crisis.” -WTis913071

554.) Your glasses have those swirley things in the middle. -WTis913071

555.) You start a petition to change your school uniform to the japanese version with pleated skirts and big bows. -WTis913071

556.) You punch a guy for saying “cartoons are for kids.” -WTis913071

557.) You have belldandi’s entire wordrobe in your closet. -WTis913071

558.) You believe the nerd always gets the girl. -WTis913071

559.) You know what a tonooki is. -WTis913071

560.) Aseusa pulls you through the t.v. and into her arms screaming “you’re cute!!!” -WTis913071

561.) “Aseusa’s little tanooki on 5 seperate occasions.” -WTis913071

562.) You call the student bus pass in your wallet “my mech license” -WTis913071

563.) A every beautiful girl falls in love with, but you could care less. -WTis913071

564.) When you say my sister’s not little she’s chibi! -WTis913071

565.) You try to start a Magic Club in your high school. -~Nephrite

566.) You sucessfully started a Magic Club in your high school. -~Nephrite

567.) You eventually only get four members in your Magic Club and then dicover the Manga Club is stealing your space. -~Nephrite

568.) You become aware that aliens are interested in your magical abilities and for some strange reason attack the president of the Manga Club. -~Nephrite

569.) You pretend that you are some alien invader and attack the president of the Manga Club your self. -~Nephrite

570.) You fall in love with the president of the Manga Club. -~Nephrite

571.) You fall in love with the president of the Manga Club in Maho Suki-tai. -~Nephrite

572.) All your facial features turn into Japanese words saying what expression your face should be making instead of the expression. -~Nephrite

573.) You get a kick out of the “Subtitled, Zip It!.” joke out of the second Austen Powers movie. -~Nephrite

574.) When you spoke Japanese in the home video for your class prom they had to put in subtitles or they dubed you with the voice some guy you never met. -~Nephrite

575.) Some short alien in a space suit keeps on doing a cameo entrence in your high school. -~Nephrite

576.) You own every Gundam model ever made. -~Nephrite

577.) You took out a loan just to buy all the Takatau VF-1 Valkyries -~Nephrite

578.) You and your best friends pick anime names and use them to the extent that you can hardley remember their real names. -David

579>) You jump up in the middle of class and yell SOLAR FLARE I kid you not my girlfriend did that two or three times. -David

580.) Your anime conversations get to the point where everyone else thinks it’s a forigen language and believe me that’s happen far too many times. -David

581.) Your imagination carries you into the anime movie your watching. -David

582.) You lye in bed tring to form an enery ball myself and a friend both have a real problem with that. -David

583.) You stare hard at an object trying desparatly trying to make it levetate. -David

584.) When treasure is much too large to carry with you, don’t expect to take it with you. -Elizabeth

585.) You whistle your theme song. -Elizabeth

586.) Your spell-checker is multi-lingual, due to all of the fanfics you read/write. -Baka-Shinji

587.) You look at those 100-disc CD jukebox changers at the store JUST for your anime music collection. Otaku-King-in-Training if you reject the idea because: “Don’t you have a larger model?” -Baka-Shinji


589.) You are automatically suspicious of teddy bears, because they have a tendency of becoming possessed and attacking you with razor-sharp claws and tentacles. This after seeing episodes of 3×3 Eyes and Fushigi Yugi OAV on the same night! (TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

590.) You invest in more than one Japanese-English dictionary just for your dojinshi collection. -Baka-Shinji

591.) You’re still recovering from the next-to-last Con you went to, in addition to the most recent one.. . . And you’re already planning for the next Con! (Also TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

592.) You purchase the LD’s to “Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou,” even though you a)don’t understand Japanese (YET), b) can’t find translated scripts to even the first episodes (YET, but still hopeful), and c) they haven’t finished releasing the series in Japan yet! (ALL TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

593.) You note the locations of CD and video stores in Tokyo and Osaka JUST IN CASE you find yourself there with a few hundred thousand spare yen. Even if you’ve never spent more than 24 hours of your ENTIRE LIFE outside the contiguous 48. -Baka-Shinji

594.) Your pet black cat is named Jiji. -Baka-Shinji

595.) Your pet dog is named Pero-Pero. -Baka-Shinji

596.) Your pet penguin is named Pen-Pen. Now comes the obvious question: How did you get a penguin?!? -Baka-Shinji

597.) You see a 2000 calendar of Welsh Corgis, and you say, “Oh look! It’s Ein!!” (Embarassingly TRUE!) -Baka-Shinji

598.) Second Impact? Ha! That’s nothing! I’m more worried about the Zentraedi that comes nine years later. -Nephrite

599.) You start gushing blood out of your nose if you just walk into the lingerie department. -Nephrite

600.) Just before you sit down to do some serious speed-typing at the office or classroom, you shout, at the top of your lungs, “KACHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN!!!” Otaku-King-in-Training if it actually improves your touch-typing! -Baka-Shinji