Why Female Otakus don’t get Boyfriends…

1.) Usually no boyfriends (only imaginary ones). -Elizabeth

2.) Life IS anime, no substitues. -Elizabeth

3.) The “high” life for me is laughter, friends, and anime. -Elizabeth

4.) Music, maestro…please, give me another soundtrack. Good, Lord, Elizabeth (that’s me) why do you have all of those movie soundtracks in your room. -Elizabeth

5.) Spend too much time writing stories that speak of Japan (I’ve written plenty). -Elizabeth

6.) Science fiction, double feature, Dr. X will build a creature… Ever heard of Rocky Horror ? This is THE rock n’ roll horror flick worth watching…You don’t like it, don’t cry to me. -Elizabeth

7.) Star Trek. I’m not a Trekkie, I just like Star Trek. -Elizabeth

8.) I MUST have this tape to fulfill my collection… (That’s my quote). -Elizabeth

9.) A girl wants anime merchandise and not chocolates for her b-day, Christmas, Valentines Day or Easter. I got Ninja Resurection for Easter… -Elizabeth

10.) When nothing’s good on TV, watch anime. -Elizabeth

11.) Who needs a real guy? anime guys will never betray you. -Friskise the Kat

12.) Would rather be watching anime than being on a date. -Friskise the Kat

13.) (ex)boyfriends always get so jealous when you clutch an anime video to your chest and call out the name of a cute guy in that video (eg. slayers next video=Xellos-sama!! any Sailor Moon video=Endo-kun!!) -Friskise the Kat

14.) Guys hate the high pitched anime voice that you use when speaking japanese. -Friskise the Kat

15.) There are more images of anime guys in your wallet than of the boyfriend. -Friskise the Kat

16.) Boyfriends tend to get upset when you repeatedly call out the name of an anime character at, very inapropriate moments. -Friskise

17.) Spend most of your time writing fanfics on anime ( I’ve written tons) -Kate Raberba

18.) Call your friends by anime names, which annoy others ( I do) -Kate Raberba

19.) They become violent whenever you comment that the people in their bishonen notebook look like women (she scratched the skin off my arm.) -Sontaku

20.) Hint: The shrine to Mamouru in your closet will not impress a guy. -Sontaku

21.) Your 5 gigs of Trunks images will not impress a guy. -Sontaku

22.) You don’t meet guys when you travel in packs with other otaku giggling and chanting is Japanese. -Sontaku

23.) You have an uncanny resemblence to one of the bishouen anime characters. -gypsy5tt