You’re an Otaku If…

601.) You actually get into an argument about whether the Dragon Slave can penetrate an AT Field or not. -Baka-Shinji

602.) You refer to your palmtop as your portable Navi. (TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

603.) You actually OWN a portable Navi! Or a desktop Navi, for that matter. -Baka-Shinji

604.) You can’t listen to a familiar song on the radio without trying to think of what anime footage would go well with the music. (partially TRUE) If you actually make the video, many thanks! -Baka-Shinji

605.) Every few weeks you take one of the many Anime Purity Tests on the Web, and, no matter how high you scored, it’s always higher than the last time you took it. (TRUE!) -Baka-Shinji

606.) Sakuya Kumashiro ranks #3 on the perfect date list in your high school. -Nephrite

607.) You tend to date physical manifestations of Yuugi’s shadow. -Nephrite

608.) White skin, black hair, and emerald green eyes just happen to be your type. -Nephrite

609.) You start claiming that you are the Otaku God! -Nephrite

610.) You think about asking a pet shop if they have warm water penguins then figure it would be more realistic to ask if they had cabbits. -Nephrite

611.) You have so much fan art and so many wall scrolls. that you no longer remember what the original wall looked like. “Now where did I put the door?” -Nephrite

612.) You get up at 8PM and stay up till 10AM looking for Anime on the web. (True for about 12 days now.) -Disaster

613.) You place a pre-order for the American release Princess Mononoke Soundtrack Album. Even if you already have the Japanese Original Soundtrack Album, Image Album, and Symphonic Album. (TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

614.) You have the vibration mode of your pager set to the same level as the Buru-Buru in Kodomo no Omocha. In other words, 6.9 on the Richter scale! -Baka-Shinji

615.) You cannot pass a Frederick’s of Hollywood without uttering, “What a Haul! What a Haul!!” -Baka-Shinji

616.) You actually own a t-shirt from the Aircraft Carrier “Over the Rainbow.” (TRUE . . . sort of) -Baka-Shinji

617.) You stand at attention for the National Anthem of MACROSS. -Baka-Shinji

618.) You have to build a new shelf, because you’ve run out of room for your anime tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, and manga. (TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

619.) You agonize over where to put the new shelf, because it’s going to take away space for your wall scrolls! (Also TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

620.) Your favorite character in Soul Calibur is Xianghua, partially because her voice is done by Aya Hisakawa, the voice of Skuld! -Baka-Shinji

621.) Or maybe your favorite character is Ivy, partially because her voice is done by Yumi Touma, the voice of Urd! -Baka-Shinji

622.) You understand how it is that the Sword of Dios is drawn out of Anthy Himemiya’s chest. Otaku-King-in-Training if you know how they’re able to put the Sword of Dios BACK! -Baka-Shinji

623.) If you never once thought anime looked weird, you’re destined to be an otaku (that’s me!) -Okamiko

624.) If you’ve turned down a boy or girl because “their eyes are too small” -Okamiko

625.) If you wish real guys would wear their hair spiky in front and really long in the back -Okamiko

626.) If you wish real girls would wear their hair in a braid sticking straight out -Okamiko

627.) If you’ve accused people of only pretending to sleep because they didn’t have ta bubble in their nose -Okamiko

628.) If you pose dramatically every time you feel any emotion at all end expect there to be bright lights and swirling colors behind you -Okamiko

629.) You named your car “The Blue Thunder” -OneEpona

630.) You dressed as a Pokemon Trainer for Halloween, and nobody realized you were in costume (Guilty!) -OneEpona

631.) You and your friends compete for hours on end to see who can do the best pikachu/bulbasaur/charmander/squirtle/jigglypuff/clefairy/(any other cute pokemon) impression. And you don’t come up with a clear winner

632.) You find yourself playing the anime drinking game to anything animated(IE-Scooby Doo).

633.) You play the anime drinking game to real life. When confronted by your friends about this, you are utterly surprised that there is a difference.

634.) At grad, the little plastic rose on your tux is considered to be a concealed weapon, And you got busted, And fought a glorious battle and escaped yelling back to your date, ‘I will find you again moon princess’, And she blushed.

635.) you actually used a manga in JAPANESE for an ENGLISH report- and passed with high scores… ^.^;;;; -Uura

636.) If you plan on getting a black cat just to name it Luna. – Laune

637.) If you actually have a black cat named Luna ! – Laune

638.) When you memorize the Japanese Sailor Moon theme song. – Laune

639.) When you write the words to the Japanese Sailor Moon theme song in a notebook. – Laune

640.) When you do the peace sign and say ” Victory” every time you win an argument with your older sister. – Laune

641.) When you imagine two sd people pop up over your shoulders every time you do something smart. And you imagine the two sd people saying “(Your name) your a genius!” and ” (Your name) your the greatest!” – Laune

642.) When you believe your from the moon, and you think your real name is Serena. – Laune

643.) When you climb trees and try to jump on bandits but you accidentaly jump on the person they’re trying to rob. – Laune

644.) If you drop out of school because all your papers have anime drawings all over them and no school work! – Laune

645.) You try to stay in the air every time you jump. – Laune

646.) You try to carry on a conversation with you pet cat, but it just leaves the room. – Laune

647.) You run around your house yelling attacks from Sailor Moon.- Laune

648.) If you try to blow up your sister with the Dragon Slave.- Laune

649.) You got ALL of the jokes in that South Park “Chinpokomon” episode. Including the ones in Japanese. -Baka-Shinji

650.) You shout “WE HAVE LIPLOCK!!!” when there’s a kiss between Ranma and Akane, or Kyoko and Godai, or Keiichi and Belldandy, or Asuka and Shinji (no relation), etc. -Baka-Shinji

651.) You play anime and/or j-pop music at work. (TRUE. I’ve even received a few compliments from my co-workers!) -Baka-Shinji

652.) You’ve seen Princess Mononoke more times than you’ve seen Phantom Menace. (TRUE!!) -Baka-Shinji

653.) Your Christmas music includes several pieces by various seiyuu vocalists and anime characters. Otaku-King-in-Training if you can actually sing the Japanese versions of Christmas carols. -Baka-Shinji

654.) When people ask what you want for Christmas, your automatic response is: “Money! I’ve got a con coming up!!” (TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

655.) Your Christmas tree is decorated with SD figures of anime characters. (Planning on it to be TRUE, with Belldandy and a smiling Rei Ayanami near the top!) -Baka-Shinji

656.) People constantly complain that your glasses reflect too much light. -Rikaado

657.) You are disapointed when you enter your closet and it’s just a closet. – Rikaado

658.) Your recycle bin/trash can icons are normal and bloated cabbits. -Rikaado

659.) Your “My Computer” icon is of Washu on her “laptop”. – Rikaado

660.) Your “My Computer” icon is renamed “No need for My Computer”. – Rikaado

661.) You are confident that your crayon-sized sticks will shield you from attack. – Rikaado

662.) You have more anime pictures on your wall than you do of your family. – Pikachu Quento

663.) You get in an argument with your father/mother and he/she is not sure what you mean by, “Pidgeotto! Whirlwind attack!” – Pikachu Quento

664.) You make a cartoon and include subtitles… even if the cartoon is in English. – Pikachu Quento

665.) You follow all the white cats you see… hoping to find Sailor Venus. – Pikachu Quento

666.) Know the names of at least 20 different animes. -Bar Briefs

667.) Have your own anime club. -Bar Briefs

668.) Make yourself to look just like a certain character. -Bar Briefs

669.) Draw your own anime characters. -Bar Briefs

670.) Know what “Be-da!” means. -Bar Briefs

671.) Write at least one fanfic everynight. -Bar Briefs

672.) Every school report you ever did was about anime. -Bar Briefs

673.) You start working out at a gym and get disapointed when your arms arnt as big as goku’s -adam

674.) You walk around mad all the time in the hopes that one day you might get mad enough to transform into a Super Saiyan. -Leroy

675.) You dye your blonde hair black so that, just in case you ever get mad enough to become a Super Saiyan, you can know it for sure. -Leroy

676.) You have multiple personalities, and one of them (or several, depending on how many you have) are your favorite anime characters. -Daniel

677.) You want the military to build a GunBuster. (We all know they can!) -Daniel

678.) You have considered going out in public dressed as your fav anime character. -Daniel

679.) You have considered going out in public dressed as your fav anime character, and s/he is the opposite sex. -Daniel

680.) You have anime paraphernalia at work. -Daniel

681.) You hostname machines at work after anime characters. (Sysadmins only) -Daniel

682.) You answer the telephone by saying “Moshimoshi!” -Daniel

683.) You use “hai” and “iie” to replace “yes” and “no” in normal conversation. Even in front of the customers… -Daniel

684.) You use “baka” and such to refer to customers, even in front of them. -Daniel

685.) When you die, you want to be buried on the moon. -Daniel

686.) You plan on visiting the moon whether NASA like it or not! -Daniel

687.) You have one of those mallets like Akane has. -Daniel

688.) You try to throw tables at people like Shinobu does. -Daniel

689.) You get genuinely offended when someone insults the Japanese. Even though you are not Japanese… -Daniel

690.) Have you ever been beaten up by a group of farmers for tearing up their “Bomb Japan” signs? I have… -Daniel

691.) You are your own anime club. -Daniel

692.) You wear magnifying lenses in your glasses to make your eyes bigger. -Daniel

693.) You can sing Ai no Senshi, and mean it. (This I swear, etc. etc.) -Daniel

694.) If Neo-Queen Serenity were to come form Crystal Tokyo tomorrow, you would abandon home and go. -Daniel

695.) You try getting local radio stations to play anime music. -Daniel

696.) Ever been on TV for your anime collection? -Daniel

697.) You believe you have an SD form. -Daniel

698.) Two words. Anime Roleplay. -Daniel

699.) While doing the above, you forgot to drop your RP when returning to normal life. -Daniel

700.) If you found your new G/F during a dance where you told your date “Could I have this dance, for it may be our last.” Your date looks at you strangely and a girl close to you follows up with the correct lines. – Ami Fan