You’re an Otaku If…

1101.) When your teacher gives you an essay to wirte on about your family linege and you proclaim your related to Saiyans from the planet Vegeta…and she gives you another stack of homework(arggh) -Lee Tai Chi

1102.) You dye your hair blonde, gel it up so it defies gravity, build your body up and then start calling yourslef Goku -Lee Tai Chi

1103.) You find your saying “SIT!” When ever you find yourself angry -OoshatiElf

1104.) You find yourself yelling out random anime phrases…that you and your friends found, like “Heero is not toast!” -OoshatiElf

1105.) Your lunch converstations consist of who looks better, InuYasha or Shessomaru…in a lioncloth! -OoshatiElf

1106.) You are learning jap. through subtitles! (True) -OoshatiElf

1107.) You get into fights in German class about who is the better fighter, Kurama or Inuyahsa, and you say all of this in Jap. (Frau was soo confused!!) -OoshatiElf

1108.) You keep on glaring at the other stupid kid in your german class, because he thinks that all anime is porn. -OoshatiElf

1109.) People in your german, chemistry, and english class all know what baka means. -OoshatiElf

1110.) You read books for the back cover,and right to left, and wonder why nothing makes sense. -OoshatiElf

1111.) The people at the comic book store know you by name, and tell you weather or not they have more Yu-Gi-Oh booster packs, and then they point you to where the wall scrolls are. -OoshatiElf

1112.) You make a motion that looks like a sweatdrop. (True!) and people know what you are doing. -OoshatiElf

1113.) Your teacher is so used to you reading manga, that he gives up telling you to stop. -OoshatiElf

1114.) When ever you get into trouble, you ask instead of detention, if you can hold buckets of water instead. -OoshatiElf

1115.) You get up an hour early to try to make your hair look like your fav. char. -OoshatiElf

1116.) Baka adult swim is now on at 12, so you wake up every night to push the record button. (true!) -OoshatiElf

1117.) You believe that you can jump 10 feet off the ground and then fly. -Sierra

1118.) You think wanting to save the human race will make the Tetsusaiga appear in your hands so that you can kill a demon -Sierra

1119.) You win that m&m sweepstakes and you take the yen instead of the U.S. currency. -Sierra

1120.) You don’t mind strange black-haired monks with an air rip in their hand asking you to father them a child! ^_~ -JINF

1121.) Your anime CDs out number your other CDs 10 to 1 (true!) -JINF

1122.) Your very short friend reminds you of an SD character (true as well) -JINF

1123.) You named your rabbit Chibi because she was supposed to be a dwarf rabbit! (yep its true) -JINF

1124.) You and all your anime friends at school refuse to go by their ‘old’ names and wish to be called their anime names instead! ( I’m Yusuke!) -JINF

1125.) Your best friend for 8+ years has an anime nickname and knows some good anime stuff but has never seen more than 1 anime movie. (^_^ I’m guilty! I taught her all she knows!) -JINF

1126.) Your best friend for 8+ years (the same one mentioned before) has an anime nickname because that character is one of the few people YOUR character will listen to! (heh-heh its true) -JINF

1127.) You purposly dont subscribe to any anime/manga magazines JUST so you can go to an anime themed comic book store and brouse around (guilty) -Mega Wing 0

1128.) When someone asks you what you want for your b-day or christmas, you hand them a 10 page minimum paket listing all the anime DVDs and pariphinalia you NEED.(guilty) -Mega Wing 0

1129.) When you tape your favorite anime when your grounded, and secretly watch it in your room late at night while everybody else is asleep.(guilty) -Mega Wing 0

1130.) When you dont eat sleep or drink in protest of your parents desision to take away your anime rights. -Mega Wing 0

1131.) You quit a sports team because practice is at the same time as your favorite anime. -Mega Wing 0

1132.) You curse your parents out because they wont let you see the Cowboy Bebop movie. (guilty) -Mega Wing 0

1133.) You HAVE an anime themed tatoo.( bonus points if its a tatoo of Chi-Chi ) -Mega Wing 0

1134.) You have a bad habit of falling and landing on/touching various female body parts -ArtemisDream

1135.) You believe getting into a certain university with a certain someone will ensure happiness forever. -ArtemisDream

1136.) Your favorite online radio station is a jpop/anime radio station -ArtemisDream

1137.) You ever walked up to the nearest liquor store for supplies for any anime drinking game.. -ArtemisDream

1138.) You try to lose at rock-paper-scissors on purpose to be like Son Goku(Gensomaden Saiyuki) -Lirin

1139.) You hit people with a paper fan and call then a dumb monkey(Sanzo-Gensomaden Saiyuki) -Lirin

1140.) You like shortcake doll commercials because Ban Dai makes the dolls. -Hi Nu gundam 48765

1141.) You write about anime or Japan on your state testing cause you can’t think of anything else.( i did) ~kkeanimegurl

1142.) You were taking an I.S.A.T. test for the state and they ask you to write an essay on who is the most admirable teacher and you write an essay about Onizuka. -Michael Rosales

1143.) You beg your parents for a reverse-blade sword for christmas. -Dorothy Hoskin

1144.) You know your an otaku if you know what a reverse-blade sword is! -Dorothy Hoskin

1145.) You drawing anime-faces even if you have no talents for it… and after question “Is IT boy or girl?” (when you drawed mecha), you still continue. -Surgeon-69

1146.) You fall in love with girl laughing like Naga… no matter what your gender is. -Surgeon-69

1147.) You start repeating everything you say like Kenshin does. -Rach4167

1148.) You jump into an abandoned well, hoping it will transport you into the feudal era. -Rach4167

1149.) You start quoting lines from anime shows in your sleep. -Rach4167

1150.) You mourn the death of your anime figurine when it gets accidentally stepped on. -Rach4167

1151.) You lock yourself in your room and cry for weeks when your favorite anime character dies. -Rach4167

1152.) You start to call your teachers sense. -Rach4167

1153.) You’ve cosplayed at so many anime conventions, you start to run out of good characters to cosplay. -Rach4167

1154.) You try to get your hamster to talk. -Rach4167

1155.) You buy a pet flea and name it Myouga. -Rach4167

1156.) Your parents know the names of several animes but they say it wrong just to annoy you. -Faye the Otaku

1157.) Your friends call you Faye mine do anyway -Faye the Otaku

1158.) You have all the C.B. manga in English and Japanese -Faye the Otaku

1159.) You spent your entire spring break making AMV’s oh come on it was raining the whole time. -Faye the Otaku

1160.) You have dreams about anime characters -Faye the Otaku

1161.) You make non otaku dream about anime characters (I did that too I’m so proud) -Faye the Otaku

1162.) You draw a pic of sesshomaru and a guy walks by, asks who the hot hick is and you try to dokkosu him. -Faye the Otaku

1163.) Your computer has over 60 complete episodes of one anime or another taking up half of your computers memory -Faye the Otaku

1164.) You Bought anime from 3 or more countries. -UCLA Trunks

1165.) You’ve done the Naga Laugh in front of Maria Kawamura and she liked it. -UCLA Trunks

1166.) 95% of yur wardrobe has something that’s anime related, if it wasn’t there to begin with, it’s because you sewed it on. -UCLA Trunks

1167.) Whenever you pricked your finger from sewing, you reminded yourself of Akane. -UCLA Trunks

1168.) You had to live off Top Ramen for 2 weeks because you spend way too much on manga and anime goodies. -UCLA Trunks

1169.) After rainy days, you walk around with your umbrella pretending to be Kenshin or Hibiki of Last Blade. -UCLA Trunks

1170.) You have a long umbrella with a hook handle, you hook it to a strap in your backpack so it hangs down on the side like a sword. -UCLA Trunks

1171.) You give yourself a cross-shaped scar on your cheek. -UCLA Trunks

1172.) You bought or had a reverse-blade sword made for you. -UCLA Trunks

1173.) You just yelled “That’s a sakaba sword! Baka!” -UCLA Trunks

1174.) You have had a heated discussion with someone over which version of Cammy is Best. Shadowloo or Delta Red. -UCLA Trunks

1175.) In one quick motion, you’ve tried to take off your belt, hit someone with it, and put it back on like Yamazaki Ryuji of KOF. -UCLA Trunks

1176.) You believe all turtles can be fond near hot springs and can fly. -UCLA Trunks

1177.) You think your school would rock if all teachers were like Yukari Tanizaki and Onizuka Eikichi. -UCLA Trunks

1178.) You’ve introduced yourself as “[insert name] 22-years old. Yoroshiku!!]” -UCLA Trunks

1179.) You’re the reason the OA (Otakus Ananymous) was created. -UCLA Trunks

1180.) You wonder who would win in an eating contest between Goku and Lina Inverse. -UCLA Trunks

1181.) You can understand why Goku might not gain weight (being a Saiya-jin), but wonder how come lina doesn’t either. -UCLA Trunks

1182.) You can think of at least 5 different anime characters named Sakura (from “CCS”, “Street Fighter”, “Sakura Taisen”, “Naruto”, “Key: The Metal Idol”). -UCLA Trunks

1183.) You can think of at least 5 different anime characters named Ryoko and Ryuji. -UCLA Trunks

1184.) You get mad when someone pronounces the name Sakura as “sa-KU-ra” instead of “SA-ku-ra”. (hehe, I did this to my little bro, and even HE now corrects his friends too!) -UCLA Trunks

1185.) You own a life size poster/tapestry of an anime character. [Ruri of “Nadesico”. I would kill for a Cammy!] -UCLA Trunks

1186.) You have a poster of an anime character hanging on the ceiling over your bed. [Have thought about it, but worried it would fall on me overnight] and have used it for. ehem. one reason or another. [Don’t look at me like that!!] -UCLA Trunks

1187.) You wake up to your favorite anime song. [Guilty! Opening of “Read or Die”] -UCLA Trunks

1188.) You have skipped out on school or work to watch anime. -UCLA Trunks

1189.) You smear oil on your face to look like Alita. -UCLA Trunks

1190.) You have debated over which is cooler: Black or white mages. -UCLA Trunks

1191.) Your local anime store schedules days as follows: regular days, holidays, and [Your name] days. [Tribute to Mr. Fred Perry] -UCLA Trunks

1192.) You wanted to learn boxing after watching “Hajime no Ippo”. -UCLA Trunks

1193.) You already knew how to box (you sure you watch enough anime), but switched over to the Pee-ka-boo style. -UCLA Trunks

1194.) You purposely keep your room messy so that it looks like Yomiko’s apt (from ROD). [Not on purpose. my room is just naturally messy] -UCLA Trunks

1195.) You wrapped yourself in newspapers, claiming to be “The Paper”. -UCLA Trunks

1196.) In Calculus class, you began to study ‘Inverse functions’ and immediately thought of “Slayers”… and it’s the sole reason you can put up with math. [As a math grad student, I shouldn’t be saying that last piece] -UCLA Trunks

1197.) You had immediate thoughts of “Slayers” again in Algebra class when you reached ‘Multiplicative Inverses’… and now, you LIKE math. -UCLA Trunks

1198.) If you put half of a bottle of gel in your hair, then hung upside down for an hour or more to get the “Super Saiyan Vegeta” look. -Pianoanime

1199.) You made a Kuwubara character mod for Jedi Knight II, Spirit Sword and all. -Pianoanime

1200.) You set your computer to dual boot with a “switch Japanese and English languae” hotkey. -Pianoanime