You’re an Otaku If…

1301.) Your eyes vibrate when you’re worried. -Skullsnatcher

1302.) You start comparing the anime and manga formats of a given show. -otakuforlife

1303.) You start skipping meals, dressing,washing and going to the bathroom for something you have on tape. -otakuforlife

1304.) You have a reserved list of fansub dealers on speed dial. -otakuforlife

1305.) You took a Japense language course to save money on you next anime series -otakuforlife

1306.) You believe that at any moment, the government will call you to pilot a giant mecha. -otakuforlife

1307.) Your waiting for some basterd to push too far to turn you into super-sayin. -otakuforlife

1308.) You’ve seen more anime then the average Japense Otaku. -otakuforlife

1309.) You take your date home and play some type of romantic anime to show that you’re the emotional type. -otakuforlife

1310.) You MP3 collection has more J-POP anime theme songs then songs in english. -otakuforlife

1311.) You have a pet plushie. -otakuforlife

1312.) You wonder which cosplay custom to wear today? People go outside? -otakuforlife

1313.) You take the term 24 hour video room quite literally -otakuforlife

1314.) You are always on the hunt for the elusive perfect collection, that contains all anime ever created. -otakuforlife

1315.) When you enter a major city your waiting for the monster to hit it. -otakuforlife

1316.) You have a 4 hour discussion about the end of eva or lain. -otakuforlife

1317.) You look at the line around the block for a con and say “See this is why we got here a 6 am.” -otakuforlife

1318.) You look for slightest details in shows to impress your firends. -otakuforlife

1319.) You pull out a laptop and it takes you a full hour to chose which DVD to play. -otakuforlife

1320.) You see a video store and you have to complan about the anime selection. -otakuforlife

1321.) You sign a patition againist cartoon network cutting up anime. -otakuforlife

1322.) You buy all the BESM books and still don’t accualy play it. -otakuforlife

1323.) You have Anime DVDs you have even taken the raper off of yet. -otakuforlife

1324.) Your room looks like an anime production company has set up shop there. -otakuforlife

1325.) You suddenly and without warning yell out “Kanda!” waiting for someone to yell back “Tesou!”. -otakuforlife

1326.) You have the vs discussions on your local chat board. -otakuforlife

1327.) You compare girlfriends to anime charcters (Don’t do this!) -otakuforlife

1328.) Before you date someone you look at her collection first to see if your compatable. -otakuforlife

1329.) You quit your job to go to an anime convention -otakuforlife

1330.) You think Gendo would make a pretty cool Pimp -otakuforlife

1331.) You know who VICBOND and Scott Meltzer are and you can name all-there videos. -otakuforlife

1332.) You don’t just attend MAT3K you add your own lines that are funnier. -otakuforlife

1333.) You see anime game combat screens and ddr arrows when you fall asleep. -otakuforlife

1334.) Your food money becomes rationed out like a 3rd world country. -otakuforlife

1335.) You build a fond kindship with your pushies and take them everywhere. -otakuforlife

1336.) You think your are blessed just because you know someone who worked on this is otakudom. -otakuforlife

1337.) You think Video room, Restroom, Vehicle, and under a covered table = a place to sleep. -otakuforlife

1338.) You stay at other peoples houses to avoid the con hotel fee. -otakuforlife

1339.) You see Mcdonalds or Buger King and think “hmm well that covers my meals for 3 days” -otakuforlife

1340.) You don’t sleep at all and decide instead to watch a all-night kenshin-thon -otakuforlife

1341.) You dance and sing to opening theme songs of your favorite anime -otakuforlife

1342.) You arn’t playing your LARP character you are your LARP character -otakuforlife

1343.) You instead of going to church watch X or some other type of anime with religous undertones and subtext -otakuforlife

1344.) You look for religous truth in your anime IE (Lain,Eva,Patlabor,X .etc) -otakuforlife

1345.) You believe there should be a national take your plushie to work day -otakuforlife

1346.) You can’t go on a date.. “Becuase, well she likes other anime” -otakuforlife

1347.) You look at the real tokyo tower and think “damn I thought that got blown up already” -otakuforlife

1348.) Your date dresses up in cosplay and you have to fix the outfit cuase it dosn\’t look right -otakuforlife

1349.) Your personal collection of anime weblinks is better then most search engines you use -otakuforlife

1350.) You goto your local CVS and think higene or anime? -otakuforlife

1351.) You don’t cut your hair so you can buy more manga -otakuforlife

1352.) You’ve uncovered the hidden meaning of anime no I’m not telling you -otakuforlife

1353.) You start up your car to the alpha team speed racer mix and play it loudly -otakuforlife

1354.) You wear multple peices of Myth gear just for the anime logos on them -otakuforlife

1355.) You wear a Yuki hat everyday after school. -RagashiMatsuo

1356.) You’re proud of the fact that people look at you like you’re a freak when you wear the Yuki hat. -RagashiMatsuo

1357.) You have the irresistable urge to run up to your best friend, karate chop him/her on the head, and say “Fuhgeddaboudit.” -RagashiMatsuo

1358.) You yell SAN! NI! ICHI!!!!! at the start of a race -merkleel

1359.) You get a mark or transformation character tattooed on you, just like your favorite Mew Mew. (Tokyo Mew Mew) -Shika Shinju

1360.) You’ve ever ran around your back yard with a hula hoop yelling ‘PUDDING RING!’ (Tokyo Mew Mew) -Shika Shinju

1361.) You always point your toes whenever they leave the ground. -Shika Shinju

1362.) You get your hair cut so that you have shorter pieces of hair in front of ears that you don’t pull back. -Shika Shinju

1363.) You’ve ever dislocated your knee trying to kneel with your butt on the ground and your shins in front of you. -Shika Shinju

1364.) You buy a yellow Vespa just to hit people with it and see if they sprout mecha out of their forehead. (FLCL) -Shika Shinju

1365.) You wish you were shorter because you’re taller than most of the boys in anime. -Shika Shinju

1366.) You convert from your present religion to become an Anime Purist….. -Meghan Hirsh

1367.) You convert to Evangelicalism because you think you’ll get to drive a fighting robot. -Meghan Hirsh

1368.) You stop at every Evangelical church you see and they have no clue what you mean when you ask if ‘Adam’ is there. -Meghan Hirsh

1369.) You end all of your sentences with ‘nya’, ‘nyo’, ‘na no da’, ‘no da’, ‘gema’, or any other yobi. -Meghan Hirsh

1370.) You ever been speechless not because you didn’t know what to say, but you couldn’t remember how to say it in English. -Meghan Hirsh

1371.) You think 4kids TV should have a restraining order from all anime. -Meghan Hirsh