Hyperanime Syndrome

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From: tochen@mtu.edu (Tony Chen)
[1] Re: [NOISE] Anime and Babylon 5!
Date: Mon Feb 28 01:14:08 EST 1994
Organization: Michigan Technological University
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HORN, D K (DHORN@ricevm1.rice.edu) wrote:
: Not surprising, considering that Babylon 5’s computer-animation mack daddy,
: Allen Hastings, is definitely down with anime. Although if you stare hard
: enough, you can see anime references in anything. Just this morning I examined
: three square feet of randomly-chosen vinyl tile, struck by how the experience
: was akin to watching “All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl.”

UH OH! Carl Horn is catching the Hyperanime Syndrome. The first signs is
exactly like that, you’re starting to find anime references anywhere, like
in TV (still normal), songs (huh?), food (ramen, udon, etc, that’s the pri-
mary sign that the syndrome is getting serious), etc. In Carl’s case, he
got anime references when watching a random pattern. (Similar to when a psy-
chologist showed you a random picture–ink blots–and asked you what do you
think that was.)

The second stage is when one began to “see” anime characters in malls,
barber shops, streets, airplanes, etc. That guy who swore he saw Priss
in a mall is an example of the second stage of Hyperanime Syndrome.

The third stage starts when one began to see “anime things that shouldn’t
exist here”. Eg. Seeing a Valkyrie zooming in the sky just above your head,
or swore that tank in the military parade was a Dominion tank or seeing
that boomer hovering and then sped away, chased by 4 girls in hardsuits,
etc. And the end of this stage, one started to act like one’s favorite
anime character. Eg. A Gundam fan might start to preach about Jionism,
a KOR fan will suddenly like being slapped (someone you know, maybe -_^),
a Hime-chan fan will start wearing this “special” ribbon and act like
a different character each time, a Sailor Moon fan, now that’s too diffi-
cult to describe, suffice to say it’s very “unusual”, because their brain
already melt from watching to much SM. After the third stage, which means the fourth stage, one will think
he/she lives in an anime world. He/she suddenly put too much gel on his/her
hair, got this “wide-eyed” expression, acts and expects the unexpected,
pulling hammers from “hammerspace” (while other persons around him/her will
ask themselves why this person swings his/her hands like he was hammering
this guy) and other actions you expect from an anime. At this stage, that
person is hopelessly lost and can’t be saved.

PS: I know, I know, this is Noise. But the header already said Noise, didn’t
it. I know it’s cluttering raa again, OK, you can discount this from
the top poster count. But this is too precious a chance to let go.
And it’s a joke, so don’t take it so hard. ^_^

Tony C.

(Looking at a picture of Madoka and saying … Kawaii… when she suddenly materializes out of the picture.)

Tony : A… Ayukawa! (In that special tone Kasuga uses).
Ayukawa: Hai! Ayukawa Madoka, from Relief Goddess Service…
You’ll be granted one wish.
Tony : Huh? I thought Belldandy is….
Ayukawa: Oh, I’m her temps since she’s staying with Keiichi. At least until
we found a new goddess to replace her. Now, what is your wish?
Tony : Ayukawa: Granted.
Tony : But.. But.. I didn’t say anything.
Ayukawa: No, but you wished, and that counts. Now, since I’m staying with
you, I hope you won’t mind if I bring a couple of my friends…
(Ayukawa made a quick gesture and suddenly Kasuga popped out, followed by
Hikaru-chan who immediately attached herself to Kasuga while saying “Darling”
then Yuusaku who then tried to ask Hikaru for a date, then Kurumi, Manami,
and not to forget…Jingoro, all popping out of nowhere.)
Tony : ACK! (eyes goggling and showing his index and little finger)