You’re an Otaku If…

101.) You listen to the new anime midi you just downloaded for hours on end. -Tempy

102.) People ask you what your dream girl is like and you respond, “Lum.” -Tempy

103.) People ask you what your current girlfriend is like and you respond,
“Bulma” and sigh in hopelessness. -Dang

104.) You tell your boyfriend that when you have kids, you want to do the Bulma thang and name your kids Trunks and Bra. -Tempy

105.) Your girlfriend dumps you because you remember Usagi’s date of birth, hair color, place of birth, special attack, and blood type, but, surprise, surprise you seem to always forget HER birthday. -Dang

106.) When you were little you used to jump into the air thinking you could just land in that cool crouched, one-legged, pointed toed position but found out the hard way you couldn’t when you accidentally broke your big toe(which, I should add, to this day still hasn’t healed properly and suffers somewhat of a peculiar deformity). -Tempy

107.) When you proclaim yourself somebody’s “Miko”. Cind-chan

108.) You only date men that look like anime chara’s, He likes anime, and spend mass amounts of time watching it with you. -Dyanalee

109.) You imagine Akane as the Penthouse Pet of the Year. -Jesse

110.) You imagine Ranma-Chan as the Penthouse of the Year. -Jesse

111.) You wonder when Ranma-chan and Kuno will be featured on Spice channel (or any other porn channel you prefer.) -Jesse

112.) You devote more time to fanfic writing than schoolwork. -Jesse

113.) You make very sick, violent fanfics crossing your fave anime with Resident Evil (I’m gonna do that as soon as I can get a keyboard for my home comp.) -Jesse

114.) You try to dye your lover’s hair an unnaturlly bright color. -Jesse

115.) You have a Cutey Honey inflatable doll (life size). -Jesse

116.) If you say, “Bozhe moy!”, whenever something goes wrong, get yelled at
by a short blonde or a computer whenever you try to smoke your pipe,
curse in Russian (even though you don’t know any) whenever you hit your
head on a low door, or yell out, “What is this?!!! An attack force of
Battle Pods!”, whenever you’re surprised by something, you might be an
otaku. …Either that or Captain Henry Gloval. -Miguel

117.) If you think Minmei’s Stage Fright is better and better each time you
hear it… Then you might be legally insane. -Miguel

118.) If you’re a guy caught in Victoria’s Secret while wearing a homemade
RDF/UN Spacy flightsuit and refer to the girl who caught you as
Commander Hayes, you might be an otaku. -Miguel

119.) If you long to see the Sailor Scouts get stepped on by Khyron and his
forces… Then you’re definately an otaku with good taste! 😉 -Miguel

120.) If you get into an arguement over wether Max was brought to Zentraedi
size or Miriya was micronized at the end of Macross: Do You Remember
Love?, then you might be an otaku. -Miguel

121.) If you routinely use the Daedalus Manuever, the Omni Directional Barrier
Blast, or the Main Gun in chat room fights, then you might be an otaku. -Miguel

122.) If you start moving your head once every twelve seconds. -Eric

123.) If the speed of reality becomes dizzing. -Eric

124.) If you go thru every book in the library to see if one sends you somewhere. -Eric

125.) You start seeing your pets talking, and doing some human actions, especially if you have a bird that reads the newspaper. -Rodrigo

126.) When you see japanese letters or drops of some liquid above other people’s faces. -Rodrigo

127.) When you start dreaming to have a secret mecha base at the bottom of your house. -Rodrigo

128.) When you think your armor or cosmo energy will save the girl you like when someone is bothering her. -Rodrigo

129.) When you have the ilussion to fall in love with the human shaped alien girl that tried to kill you. -Rodrigo

130.) When you talk of anime to the girl you like. -Rodrigo

131.) When you stay in your room for 5 days without sleeping because you got the full chapters of robotech (personal experience) -Rodrigo

132.) When your teacher takes your 5000 sheets of anime drawings that you do during class, asks you what that is, and you give the explanation of 20 series with 4 generations each. -Rodrigo

133.) You spend all night downloading anime pics and all the other day to print them, not mentioning the ink cartdrige. -Rodrigo

134.) You go around in stores pretending you’re from japan and act like you’re talking japanese when you’re just making up words. -Tiffany

135.) You download all the anime movies you can even if they’re in japanese. -Tiffany

136.) You enter that “make your own sailor scout” contest. -Tiffany

137.) You assign people rolls to play from the animes (as in going up to your friends and going “you can be Sailor Venus and I’ll be Sailor Moon”) -Tiffany

138.) You Know all the character names on this page. -Steve

139.) You can name all the girls from Gall Force from memory.(eg. Catty, Patty, Pony, Roomy…) -Steve

140.) You buy a copy of Protoculture Addict magazine because of the title. -Steve

141.) You refer to yourself as a Tenchi addict 🙂 -Steve

142.) You wonder what you’d look like with really big eyes. -Bosun077

143.) You have a Satoshi Urushihara picture of a semi nude girl that covers the entire upper section of your left arm, collar bone,chest and shoulder blade, and you were STONE SOBER at the time! TALK ABOUT PAIN!!!! -Bosun077

144.) You’ve taken your cat to 7 veterinarians to find out why it doesn’t talk. -Nathan

145.) Whenever anyone says “C’est la vie,” you look around for Minako-chan.

146.) You hold a long, serious discussion with your friend about which of the two of you would make the better Goten and which would make the better Trunks. -Nathan

147.) You deliberately misdial whenever you make a phone call. Hey–you never know. -Nathan

148.) You know more about Namek than about France. -Nathan

149.) All your best pick-up lines contain the phrase, “You’re uncute!” -Nathan

150.) You understand Gundam Wing. -Nathan

151.) You think there cannot be more than one symphony orchestra, because there’s only one Piccolo. -Nathan

152.) You know there is more than one symphony orchestra, because Piccolo knows the tri-form technique. -Nathan

153.) You have spent months to create a comprehensive set of Sailor Moon Ani-Mayhem. -Nathan

154.) That set numbers 138 cards…and counting! -Nathan

155.) You see a girl with pigtails and immediately wonder what kind of powers she has. -Nathan

156.) You turn on the TV. Scooby-Doo is on. You look for the subtitles. -Nathan

157.) If you continuosly dream of making love to any anime character. -ssj4gokuh4

158.) If your Girlfriend’s name is Bulma and that’s the only reason you have a G/F.

159.) If you grow your hair real long and use five cans of gel to make it stick up like gokuh’s. -ssj4gokuh4

160.) If you think you can can power up. -ssj4gokuh4

161.) If you think you can can power up. -ssj4gokuh4

162.) If your bbarber has a special cut for you called the “Sailormars cut” -ssj4gokuh4

163.) If you think your Gokuh. -ssj4gokuh4

164.) If you think your a Namek because you never made love. -ssj4gokuh4

165.) You find a model kit of a Shelby Cobra 500 and buy it ’cause it’s Rally’s car. -Naoto

166.) You find a model kit of a Honda Today (that’s been sitting in the hobby store for nearly 10 years) and buy it ’cause you want to make a police car. -Naoto

167.) You also ask the store to order a few more while you look through the catalog for a motocompo. -Naoto

168.) You keep bugging the hobby store to carry Gundam kits — eventually they start carrying them! -Naoto

169.) You’re in a Taiho Shichauzo episode in a dream — “Yoriko’s visitor from America” -Naoto

170.) You have a dream where you’re dating Arisa, tutoring Ami-chan, and have to keep an eye out for Skuld. -Naoto

171.) You dream that you’re Fujisawa being chased by Miz Mishtal. -Naoto

172.) You dream that you were set up for a blind date with Kodachi Kunou. -Naoto

173.) You dream that you were Kyusaku Natsume. -Naoto

174.) You categorize your anime-related dreams by seiyuu (voice actor – see previous four items) -Naoto

175.) You dream that you’re dating Nabiki Tendou. -Naoto

176.) You dream that you’re travelling along with Lina, Gourry, and Amelia. -Naoto

177.) People start calling you Tanaka-san. -Naoto

178.) You purchase books on making stuffed toys ’cause you want to make “nuigurumi” of Miyuki, Natsumi, Ken and Yoriko to put on the back seat of your car. -Naoto

179.) You see a daikon radish in the grocery store and you picture rocket engines on it. -Naoto

180.) You sometimes feel like whipping out a guitar and yelling “Ore no uta wo kike!” -Naoto

181.) You’ve been buying anime LDs for the past two years — and you don’t even own an LD player! (finally got one though) -Naoto

182.) You felt heartbroken when you found out that Megumi Hayashibara just got married in March. -Naoto

183.) Your dreams are subtitled. -Naoto

184.) Your dreams have an “eyecatch” in the middle. -Naoto

185.) When asked to describe yourself, you say “Picture Nobita-kun as an adult, but with the personality of Doraemon” -Naoto

186.) You’re disappointed, but yet relieved that nothing happens when you say “Jugeimu Jugeimu goko no surikire!” or “Pretty Mutation, Magical Recall!” — you then think, oh yeah, I forgot the baton… -Naoto

187.) You can picture yourself and your girlfriend having the same conversation as in live-action sketch at the end of Hyperdolls … that is if you had a girlfriend. -Naoto

188.) You noticed a girl because she reminded you of a Haruhiko Mikimoto illustration. -Naoto

189.) You’ve ended sentences with “because I’m a genius, that’s why!” -Naoto

190.) You think it would be cool to have SD versions of yourself pop up from behind your shoulders. -Naoto

191.) When driving/piloting an automobile, airplane, dune buggy, or motorcycle you expect something neat to happen when you say “Bird Go!” (Hmm.. perhaps I need to need to say it so that it sounds more like “Bah-do Go!”). -Naoto

192.) You can name all the characters from the Ultraman series and how they are related to each other. This includes all the “kaiju” -Naoto

193.) You score better than 90% when it comes to catching the anime and SF references in “Otaku no Video” -Naoto

194.) Your SF collection includes “seira fuku” -Naoto

195.) You have dreams about Chisa Yokoyama in a Yuna costume. -Naoto

196.) If you and all your friends at work have the nicknames of anime characters. -Rei

197.) If you have the character’s name on your nametag instead of your own. -Rei

198.) If your managers call you by the character’s name. -Rei

199.) If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend chose nicknames based on anime couples. -Rei

200.) If you get your friends to hunt down plushies of your boyfriend’s character nickname at anime conventions. -Rei