You’re an Otaku If…

401.) You still haven’t figured out why you don’t have a girlfriend — there are so many cute girls that would be just perfect at your favorite hangout (hint: 1. your favorite hangout is the anime store, 2. usually the girls there are 2-D variety). -Naoto

403.) You’ve actually used the answering machine messages you found on some anime soundtrack CDs. -Naoto

404.) You’re using Tokimeki Memorial as a means of practicing your social skills around women. -Naoto

405.) You’ve just received a substantial tax return, and think — Cool, more anime! -Naoto

406.) You prefer to travel by rooftop intstead of the side walk. -Yasha

407.) You and a friend each bring a pair of earmuffs to school, and act as if you had switched personalities. -Yasha

408.) You wonder when Zuntata will go a world tour. -Yasha

409.) You’ve learned how to fight with a yo-yo. -Yasha

410.) People want to know who your new imaginary friend “Birdy” is. -Yasha

411.) Your fav class in school is Japanese, cause your teacher lets you watch anime for extra credit. -Yasha

412.) Your cousin dose the coolest C-Ko impression, ans its because you taught her. -Yasha

413.) You’ve compiled a VHS tape of nothing but anime previews, and you watch it daily. -Yasha

414.) You’d like to see a fight between Iczer One and Birdy the Mighty. -Yasha

415.) You can actually do the full Captain Ginyu dance by memory (I can) -Doomer

416.) You and your best buds that are anime fans get together and call yourselves the Ginyu Force and have your own individual poses. -Doomer

417.) Your dreams are in Anime. -Mowzzie

418.) You’re boyfriend tells you to choose, him or Darien. You choose Darien. -Mowzzie

419.) When your teacher assigns tons of homework, you jump up onto your desk and scream, “You’re goin’ down Negacreep! Moon Prism Power!!!” -Mowzzie

420.) You’re suprised when the last entry doesn’t work. -Mowzzie

421.) You carry around a sack of ice cubes, and throw them at people saying, “Mercury Ice Bubbles FREEZE!!!!!” -Mowzzie

422.) You call your girlfriend, “uncute,” and are shocked when you get slapped. -Mowzzie

423.) You see the world as an anime. -Mowzzie

424.) You go to Japan to get anime stuff, but find you’ve already got it all. -Mowzzie

425.) You’re parents send you to a psychiatrist because you’re too obsessed (TOO obsessed? as if!). -Mowzzie

426.) You refuse to take the hottest guy/girl you’ve ever seen to the prom because you KNOW that your dream anime guy/girl is going to show up! -Mowzzie

427.) You have actually used the excuse, “I had to save the world,” for being late to class. -Mowzzie

428.) You keep watching space shuttle missions, even after everyone else is gone, because you KNOW it will turn into a cabbit again eventually. -Mowzzie

429.) You cry whenever someone makes fun of your favorite anime -Mowzzie

430.) You’re teacher whacks you upside the head and says “In the name of the moon– KNOCK IT OFF!” -Mowzzie

431.) You’re teacher groans whenever someone mentions the words “Sailor” or “Moon” (mine does) -Mowzzie

432.) You ask your Japanese instructor if you can watch animes in class -Mowzzie

433.) The first time someone asked you out all you could say was “you’re not anime!” -Mowzzie

434.) You get bad grades because you draw so much on your papers your teachers can’t read them. -Mowzzie

435.) You wince whenever someone calls anime “cartoons” (shudder) -Mowzzie

436.) You’re nodding your head as you read these entries -Mowzzie

437.) You RP as your own anime character -Mowzzie

438.) You’ve been known to throw tantrums whenever anyone insulted anime in ANY way -Mowzzie

439.) You take all non-anime related comments to be an insult to anime -Mowzzie

440.) You fall down really fast when someone suprises you -Mowzzie

441.) You pull various objects out of nowhere and hit people with them, leaving them to wonder “where’d that come from??” -Mowzzie

442.) You go around in a tuxedo, top-hat, cape, and paper discs with swirls tacked onto your glasses and call yourself Tuxedo Umino Kamen. -Naoto

443.) You have to climb onto something tall (a tree, a cliff) only so that you can make a cool entrance by saing “Vile villains, you must now face a fighter for good and justice” just before you jump down. You then land badly and fall flat on your face. -Naoto

444.) You bought an entire case of potato chips because it was the only way to get the Evangelion potato chips. -Naoto

445.) You carry around a Nerv ID badge. -Naoto

446.) Items commonly found in your shopping cart are Doraemon furikake and Sailor Moon ochazuke. -Naoto

447.) You’ve been known to spend hours watching Goddess Family Club videos -Naoto

448.) If a car hit your cat and you say, all relaxed,:”It doesn’t mind, I’ll take it to the Pokecenter” -Mewoth

449.) You tell your cat: “Pay day!” hoping it will make money fall from the sky. -Mewoth

450.) You are scared of aproaching birds thinking they will create a tornado and a sandstorm. -Mewoth

451.) You go fishing just to get a Magikarp -Mewoth

452.) You paint your mouse in yellow and tell to it: “Pikachu, thunder shock now!” -Mewoth

453.) You stick a gem in the face of your cat hoping it will start speaking english. -Mewoth

454.) You electrify a stone and put it next to your mouse that you have painted in yellow. -Mewoth

455.) You fall asleep when you hear Jigglypuff in the anime. -Mewoth

456.) You run away when you see a bee to not get poisonned. -Mewoth

457.) You raise your bird to attack plants. -Mewoth

458.) You’ve listened to “Watashi no tamagoyaki” (My omelette) enough times that you can actually sing along. -Naoto

459.) A yellow VW beetle isn’t complete without that zig-zag/lightning bolt tail. -Naoto

460.) You call your teachers by their last name + “san” -DendeBaby

461.) You go to your family surgeon and ask for cybernetic implants and are shocked when he says he can’t do it. -Brad

462.) You raise your hand to answer a question and your teacher says “Look, if this is about Sailor Moon….” (mine does) -Mowzzie

463.) You purchase all of the Evangelion OST’s (movies included) before you discover that there’s a box set. (TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

464.) . . . And then you buy the box set!!! -Baka-Shinji

465.) You describe your worst enemy as “someone whose engine is not running on all energists.” -Baka-Shinji

466.) You scream at the top and bottom of your lungs “WWWHHHYYYYY!?!?!” when you learn that the theatrical release date for Princess Mononoke has been pushed back another four months. -Baka-Shinji

467.) You feel down, and you ask your physician to write up a prescription for Gel. -Baka-Shinji

468.) Your “sister” is the identical-twin android to your dream girl. (insert maniacal laugh here) -Baka-Shinji

469.) You actually understand that last one. -Baka-Shinji

470.) You stood/camped in line for Phantom Menace tickets dressed, not in a stormtrooper’s uniform, but a plug-suit. -Baka-Shinji

471.) You were the only one in that line trying to snag Princess Mononoke tickets as well. -Baka-Shinji

472.) You demand that theater concession stands include Pocky. -Baka-Shinji

473.) When someone asks you who your favorite composer is, you answer with one of the following: Yoko Kanno, Nobuo Uematsu, Shiro Sagisu, Kenji Kawai, etc. (I know I’m missing some) -Baka-Shinji

474.) You watch 2001, and you comment that HAL’s “doing a Sharon Apple.” (If it’s the reverse, you’re a Kubrick fan) -Baka-Shinji

475.) You KNOW!!! which is the actual ending for Evangelion! -Baka-Shinji

476.) You’ve ever cancelled a date to watch anime. -Liquid-Sky

477.) You’ve collected so much anime stuff that people begin thinking that you’re running an anime store. -Naoto

478.) You seem to know so much about anime that people begin to think you work in the industry -Naoto

479.) You review the list of URLs in the Favorites list in IE, and you notice that at least 90% are anime-related. -Naoto

480.) The primary reason for adding the Japanese Language extensions for IE was to view sites such as,,,, -Naoto

481.) Over 50% of the model kits you’ve purchased are anime or manga-related. Of the ones that weren’t anime-related, most were primarily purchased for kit-bashing an anime or manga-related subject. -Naoto

482.) You cringe whenever Pioneer renames its titles for US release (e.g. Pretty Sami TV –> Magical Project S) -Naoto

483.) You prefer to buy the import LD because none of the US releases include seiyuu interviews -Naoto

484.) If you’ve ever gotten your girlfriend fired from her job after you FINALLY convinced her to dye her hair bright blue. (True story!!) -Liquid-Sky

485.) If your girlfriend didn’t care, because she thinks she looks “sexy” as b-ko (True again!!) -Liquid-Sky

486.) If you ever started looking for dragon balls around town …… Hey it could happen….right? -Liquid-Sky

487.) If the power has ever went out at night and you tried to cast a light spell -Liquid-Sky

488.) If you’ve ever tried to do a fire reading to see the answers on you midterm -Liquid-Sky

489.) If you were shocked to find out it didn’t work -Liquid-Sky

490.) You take some anime character’s names and use them as your own little nickname (example: mine is Mendou Ikari, Mendou from Urusei Yatsura and Ikari from Evangelion)!!! -Mendou

491.) You worship the Goddesses of OH! My Goddess… -V-ko

492.) You think the names Skuld and Urd are cool girl names… -V-ko

493.) You start speaking like dub… -V-ko

494.) You look at people and they seem to speak dub to you… -V-ko

495.) If you’re a girl and you pull out a hammer and whack your boyfriend for doing something wrong… -V-ko

496.) Your teacher tells you to recite the alphabet and you go “A-ko, B-ko, C-ko…”… -V-ko

497.) You and your friends make up the rest of the -ko’s from D-Z. -V-ko

498.) You become Supersayian when your pet goldfish dies. -SS_Goku

499.) Every time you pick a fight you tell the bully “You cannot defeat my sayian power!” -SS_Goku

500.) You go to school wearing those blue skirts and bows. -SS_Goku