You’re an Otaku If…

301.) You’ve successfully deciphered the Greek writing in the first Urusei Yatsura movie (displayed when Lum’s mother is speaking.) and NOBODY in the room complained when you paused the VCR to get a better look at it. -Charles

302.) You can talk about Anime for hours on end with someone who’s name you do not know -Charles

303.) You get irritated when you see Aeka’s name spelled “Ayeka” -Charles

304.) You feel guilty for being attracted to Ranma-chan -Charles

305.) You get angry when you see Aeon Flux or Heavy Metal in the Anime section of the video store, but see no problem with Gamera or Zeiram being there -Charles

306.) Video store employees recognize you when you walk in -Charles

307.) You find yourself torn between your devotion to the Tenchi OAV and your undying love for Kiyone -Charles

308.) You’ve written a non-hentai fanfiction about a hentai anime (ie. Dragon Pink) -Charles

309.) You disagree with a casting decision in a dubbed series and can name a more appropriate American voice-actor by name -Charles

310.) You use up all the free space on your TI-85 to program the TI-85 version of a Pokedex. -Yasha

311.) You make anime sound effects while drawing! -Yasha

312.) You make anime sound effects while not drawing! -Yasha

313.) Your motto is: “Do for anime.” -Yasha

314.) You keep on asking The Pentagon to build a VF-1 Valkyrie from out of Macross. -Nephrite

315.) Your neighbor can’t get his car into his drive-way because you have the Star Ship Yamato parked in yours. -Nephrite

316.) You ask Mari Iijima (Linn Minmay) if she really liked Ichijyo Hikaru. -Nephrite

317.) You’re girl friend thinks that you like Misa Hayse more than her. -Nephrite

318.) You’re girl friend thinks you like the VF-1 Valkyrie more than her. -Nephrite

319.) You take your girl friend to Japan. -Nephrite

320.) You think that your motorcycle transforms into body armor. -Nephrite

321.) You dress up like a stripped cow and ask your girl friend to merry you. -Nephrite

322.) You and a friend debate about, can the Zentraedi Fleet destroy the Empire out of Star Wars. -Nephrite

323.) Your listening to anime music while reading this. -Nephrite

324.) You make a perfect Macross Colony Ship Captain costume (I did). -Nephrite

325.) You agree with everything on this board. -Nephrite

326.) You have done everything on this board. -Nephrite

327.) You write No Need For (Subject) on your home work. -Nephrite

328.) You generally know that GERWALK stands for Ground Effective Reinforced Winged Armorment with Locomotive Knee-joint. -Nephrite

329.) You run around in a tuxedo, top-hat, cape, and mask calling your self Tuxedo Mask -Nephrite

330.) You went to your senior prom as Tuxedo Mask. -Nephrite

331.) You think you look like Maximillion Jenius and dye your hair blue. -Nephrite

332.) You can pronounce Zentraedi words. -Nephrite

333.) You can speak Zentraedi. -Nephrite

334.) You ask Manga Entertainment if they would bring Macross 7 to the USA. -Nephrite

335.) You buy nothing but subtitled anime. -Nephrite

336.) You’ve watched Macross; Do You Remember Love 500+ times -Nephrite

337.) You feel so pissed off after hearing a guy call anime anaym -Mamoru630

338.) You feel so totally mad hearing people say they`ve watched the whole episode of dragonballZ when they only watched that edited version in Cartoon network w/c is not even half of the whole story. -Mamoru630

339.) You call your friend Ryu and He calls you Ken -Mamoru630

340.) Your walking on your way home when a strong wind passes you by, you start saying:”huh….Im sensing a strong enemy close by” and you start running like hell -Mamoru630

341.) You start thinking your friends resembles some anime-game characters -Mamoru630

342.) You know the difference of Shojo and Shonen Manga -Mamoru630

343.) You start stopping people to call you Otaku coz you know the real meaning of it. -Mamoru630

344.) You start making your own manga. -Mamoru630

345.) You collect protoculture addict magazine. -Mamoru630

346.) You claim that Johnny Quest is a trying hard anime wannabe -Mamoru630

347.) You wish to see Bejita and Hiei have a duel -Mamoru630

348.) You know the whole story of Evangelion and start using it as a book report for world history. -Mamoru630

349.) You know all the artist that made your favorite Anime-Manga -Mamoru630

350.) You try to plug something into the back of your neck, hoping to get data for your next mission!!! -Mendou

351.) You act like your car is like those machines in Ghost in the Shell!!! -Mendou

352.) You live on a planet that in place of steel is plastic and you own a weird ship (like Tita and the Cha Cha Maru)!!!! -Mendou

353.) You kiss somebody just to kill the time!!! -Mendou

354.) You’ve tried to “ghost hack” your teacher. -Yasha

355.) You’ve searched the net for days on end for the Slayers rom. -Yasha

365.) You wish you could have a mouth like C-ko’s. -Yasha

366.) You think A Wind Named Amniesia was a true story. -Yasha

367.) You think your car should have an Entry Plug. Complete with a two year supply of LCL. -Yasha

368.) You’re collecting the Tokimeki Memorial DATE series of CD singles. -Naoto

369.) You actually participate in the dialogue in the above mentioned CD singles. -Naoto

370.) You’re collecting the Tokimeki Memorial DIARY series of CD singles. -Naoto

371.) You’re looking around for a PC Engine because you just have to play the original Tokimeki Memorial. -Naoto

372.) You’re looking around for a PC Engine because you want to play the original Yuna digital comic. -Naoto

373.) Your primary reason for getting a Sega Saturn is because of the anniversary Macross game. -Naoto

374.) You’ve gotten weird looks from your co-workers and boss for singing the Doraemon song. -Naoto

375.) You’re now getting weird looks from your co-workers and boss because you’re NOT humming something anime-related. -Naoto

376.) You purchased a 1/43 resin kit of the Mach 5 from the unreleased OVA. -Naoto

377.) You’ve known about the “Mach Go Go Go” OVA for a few years before buying the kit. -Naoto

378.) You’re collecting the “puchi” figures of Sailor Moon. -Naoto

379.) You’re collecting the “puchi” figures of the Sakura Taisen characters. -Naoto

380.) You know what “puchi” are. -Naoto

381.) You have more “nuigurumi” than your girfriend — that is IF you had a girlfriend. -Naoto

382.) You got all the references in the “Tap Gun” episode of the KOR TV show. -Naoto

383.) Somehow you think that a submarine doesn’t look right without an auger bit in front and delta-shaped fins in back. -Naoto

384.) You’ve approached someone with a model of a Su-27 and you comment “no, no, no that’s not right, it should be red with yellow trim here and here, and the wings are supposed to be swept forward, and what’d you do with the canards?” -Naoto

385.) You’re constantly correcting people on spelling – “it’s Jee Oh Jay Eye Ar Ay, and this one should be spelled Em Oh Ess You Ar Ay” -Naoto

386.) You record your voice on a Yak Bak Recorder with voice changing to see if you can sound like an anime girl!! -Mendou

387.) You draw a circle around your friends and then yell “Explosion Array” and you are suprised to see it doesn’t work!!! -Mendou

388.) After wearing a Sailor Moon-like costume for Halloween, someone tells you you have “Anime” eyes, and you take it as a genuine complement. happened to me! -RainbowWisher

389.) During certain scenes of Sailor Moon, you find yourself bouncing up and down, pointing at the screen, and screaming,”IT’S THE DOILIES OF POWER!! IT’S THE DOILIES OF POWER!!” you know what I’m referring to… -RainbowWisher

391.) You think that a Kaoru (from Evangelion) PEZ dispenser would be a cool (though morbid) thing to have. -Naoto

392.) You’ve got two talking 6-1/2-foot-tall, 3-1/2 ft diameter, wooden cylinders with a lens embedded, standing guard on either side of the front gate of your house. -Naoto

393.) You not only speak Zentraedi, but you also write it. -Naoto

394.) You’ve used this list (and the other “Too much …”) as a checklist of things to do. -Naoto

395.) You got the gag regarding the “geta robo” in the Nuku-Nuku TV show. -Naoto

396.) You bought the Eva collectors’ box even though you already have the movies from vol 13 and 14 LD. -Naoto

397.) You know what a “Baltan-seijin” is -Naoto

398.) You frequent the local anime shop so much that you’ve got reserved parking. -Naoto

399.) You frequent the local anime shop so much that everybody thinks that you actually work there. -Naoto

400.) You’ve compiled a list of favorite 2-D girls (manga and anime) and 3-D girls (actual type, though mostly seiyuu), and the 2-D girls far outnumber the 3-D girls. -Naoto