You’re an Otaku If…

1201.) Any member of your family is known among your circle of friends only as Baka-sama -Pianoanime

1202.) You downloaded a half-dozen or more file-sharing programs for the exclusive reason to download those pesky, hard to find soundtracks… -Pianoanime

1203.) You don’t speak any Japanese, but know every word and the translations by heart of every J-pop and anime soundtrack song you have. -Pianoanime

1204.) You spent more time during the week of final exams watching anime than studying and fail your biology test because you think the human body has at least 12 gallons of blood, citing an alphabetical listing of series and episode instances as proof of your theory…(didn’t actually do that one) -Pianoanime

1205.) You have the word “TOMATO” stamped on the side of your laptop. -Pianoanime

1206.) When you hear a friend is going to Japan on a trip, you find the exact spot in a video file you have on your hard drive where someone says “bring back souveniers” in Japanese and you type it in an IM to them…and they don’t respond with “???” -Pianoanime

1207.) You don’t know the first thing about Kanji, but whenever you see it, you instantly recognize which kanji are in the logo of a half-dozen anime shows or manga you like. -Pianoanime

1208.) You have a level 5 or higher Gundam model perched atop your monitor, looking menacingly down at you, beam saber drawn and ready to strike at the first word you type that makes fun of anime. -Pianoanime

1209.) You are willing to start an entire ugh exercise regimen for the sole purpose of being in shape to do some really nifty cosplay at a convention next year. -Pianoanime

1210.) If after watching some anime, you cannot help but picture subtitles popping up at the bottom of your field of view when someone talks until the end of the day. -Pianoanime

1211.) Japanese people come into where you work, and you contemplate cursing in Japanese at the darn stack of clothes that won’t stay folded, just to see how they will react. -Pianoanime

1212.) You desperately want to own a Welsh Corgi, and only so you can name him “Ein”. -Pianoanime

1213.) You worry that at some point, in some conversation with someone, you will spontaneously start spouting Japanese at them without noticing. -Pianoanime

1214.) You refer to your stupid little sibling as “Ed without computer skills”. -Pianoanime

1215.) You refer to all the Megaman games as Rockman ’cause it is his real name, after all. -Pianoanime

1216.) You can name 6 series Megumi Hayashibara has done voice work for without flinching. -Pianoanime

1217.) You know the plot of your three favorite shows down to the episode. i.e. “in episode 36, we find that…”. -Pianoanime

1218.) You have every Miazaki film, and can quote any of them at will. -Pianoanime

1219.) For a Sociology project, a friend dresses up in a kimono, and without thinking, you ask him what series he’s supposed to be from. -Pianoanime

1220.) You notice that the “real world” outfits of several characters in Matrix Reloaded feature kimono-style collars, and your friends smack themselves in the head for not noticing it before you did. -Pianoanime

1221.) You spent two weeks of class time making an image of your favorite character using only ink pens just for the bottom corner of an art project, and then threw the rest of it together in 2 days, since the only part that mattered is done. -Pianoanime

1222.) You wonder, just for an instant, why books of Japanese history don’t mention Inu-Yasha before realizing that he’s not real. -Pianoanime

1223.) You hire a metalworking artist to re-create Miroku’s staff. -Pianoanime

1224.) You can do the exchange rates from U.S. dollars to Yen in your head. -Pianoanime

1225.) You have stopped using any words in English that you know in Japanese. -Pianoanime

1226.) You happen to have a model of Deathscythe stuck to your dashboard with sticky-tac to deter thieves. -Pianoanime

1227.) You tried to find a Kodama bobble-head, but were dismayed to find that there isn’t one commercially available. -Pianoanime

1228.) You had to “patiently” explain to more than two dozen people last week why Anime is Not Just Japanese Cartoons. -Pianoanime

1229.) Watching a certain anime series has introduced you to a whole new genre of music and it is now your favorite style, despite hating it before. -Pianoanime

1230.) You bought at least 3 things so far this month only because it reminded you of your fav. character. -Pianoanime

1231.) You spent the day trying to come up with ways to build a set of Saiyan armor for a gift to give to your friend for christmas. -Pianoanime

1232.) You wanted to go to a certain college only because a course in “Japanese Pop Culture” was offered somewhere in the brocure. -Pianoanime

1233.) You are listening to music, you rate each song by how well it would do as an AMV. -Pianoanime

1234.) You can correctly pronounce the names of all the attacks used by your favorite martial artist character, and you don’t find it strange in the least. -Pianoanime

1235.) In any dream you had recently, you were watching anime and when you woke up, said “DARN IT! It was just getting good!”. -Pianoanime

1236.) you hav the ability to make a mecha and are wting for the government to deny ypu permission so that you can make it in secret -Shiro

1237.) You’ve practiced passing basketballs with a friend in PE class by acting like they are energy bombs. (True, I’ve done it) -Chris

1238.) You have an e-mail address involving your favorite anime or character, TRUE -Mary-ohki

1239.) You hug members of the opposite sex just to see if they turn into animals of the Chinese Zodiac, You are suprised when they don’t -Mary-ohki

1240.) You spend an entire day looking for websites that sell doujinshi(TRUE) -Mary-ohki

1241.) You take a babysitting job and endure the annoying brats just so that you can afford to go buy more anime-related stuff(TRUE) -Mary-ohki

1242.) One of your teachers banned you from saying the word “Kurama” in his class(getting pretty close to being true) -Mary-ohki

1243.) You added “-ohki” to your name just because of the cabbits in Tenchi Muyo (true…) -Mary-ohki

1244.) You have actually beaten someone up for saying your favorite bishounen looks like a girl(coming close to true) -Mary-ohki

1245.) You heard that in college, you’re so poor that all you can afford to eat is ramen, and now you can’t wait to get there, just because of the idea of eating ramen every day -Mary-ohki

1246.) You take a basketball and hurl it at someone as you yell:KAMEHAMEA WAVE!! -BBlaze813

1247.) You spike your parrots feathers to make it look like pigey. -BBlaze813

1248.) You wear saftey goggles while driving your car {aka:your gundam} -BBlaze813

1249.) When you tell your bro/sis to get somthing you tell them like this: Your mission is to go into my base {aka:room} and retreave my pencil…operation comence. -BBlaze813

1250.) You talk Japanese at school and everyelse thinks you’re weird (yup thats me) -Hikari Kitten

1251.) You got everyone else talking Japanese -Hikari Kitten

1252.) You have a band that sings anime songs (I do) -Hikari Kitten

1253.) If you have ever made a life size replica of an angle arm out of paper mache -Vash

1254.) You call your (or anyone elses) infant something chan and speak more japanese to the baby than your or it’s mother tongue -mad kitsune

1255.) You have ever watched so much anime on so little sleep that the next day you hallocinated people speaking in japanese with the english subtitles at the bottom -mad kitsune

1256.) Anyone has ever said to you look at my when I’m talking to which you relpied then I can’t read what your saying -mad kitsune

1257.) You have every gotten an anime character tatooed on your body -mad kitsune

1258.) You yell “GOMU GOMU NO…. PISTOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!” when your in a fight and realise you can’t stretch (and also realise that your fist is still 5 meters away from him). -One Piece Fool

1259.) You’re dating someone who cosplays as an anime character, and swear you’re going to make the costume of that character’s significant other, just for them. (Is Kagome to her Inuyasha. ^_^) -Kagome-Chan

1260.) You make your senior research paper a persuasive about how anime is vastly superior to western animation. -Skylance21

1261.) When you wait forever for a certain cat to come and tell you you are a sailor scout. -Sushigurl

1262.) If your teacher tries to read the note that she took away from you in front of the class, but it’s written in Japanese. -Battle Angel

1263.) You can speak japanese from watching subtitled anime. -Battle Angel

1264.) You cosplay to work, to the store, or anywhere else you ocationally go. -Battle Angel

1265.) You get upset and confused when they don’t play j-pop at your prom. -Battle Angel

1266.) You ask someone to get you something you say “(name of person)! I need a/an(object)! THIS IS PRIORITY ONE! -ZeLgAbUnNy

1267.) You spent 5 hours changing an old Barbie Doll’s hairstyle and sewing her clothes to look like an Angelic Layer angel for a cosplay you’re thinking of, only to later decide to do a different cosplay (true, but i changed my mind again so she’ll come in handy ^^) -Cpegasus

1268.) You pretend to be sick so you can go home early from school to be early for card captor sakura. -Shugo

1269.) You wake up 3 hours early so you can watch anime before you go to school. -Shugo

1270.) You go out and buy a cap with cat ears on it! -ixcocoyxi

1271.) You have a 3″-5″ plush anime doll hanging on the rear view mirror on your car! -ixcocoyxi

1272.) After watching an action anime/Japanese series, you try to do the same moves but wonder why it’s not working for you -Libraes

1273.) You think pocky and ramune are food groups. -dave

1274.) When you are ordered to pay bills and you buy anime. -dave

1275.) You keep eating defent kinds of bean’s trying to find a senzu bean from DBZ. -Super Sayain Gundam

1276.) You go hunting for those watches that the schoolgirls wear, and when you find one, you put it on so the face is on palm-side-up and wonder why everyone else is wearing their’s the wrong way. (true) –Lys

1277.) Your friend is teasing you and you pout, glare at them and declare “Hidoi!”. Your friend thinks you’re calling her Heidi and gets completely freaked. (true) –Lys

1278.) You start quoting lines from random animes in Ju-Jitsu class and everyone thinks you’ve gone mental. (also true) –Lys

1279.) You do your religion assignment (which is on peer pressure) in manga- form. (yep. True) –Lys

1280.) You seriously think about going to your school’s fete or spring fair dressed in cosplay, and mourn the fact that it’s 2 days away and your mum has said no to you being up the whole time till then to get it done. –Lys

1281.) The only movies or video matter you have is anime, most of which is burnt from other people because you’re a poverty-stricken schoolkid. (true XD) –Lys

1282.) Your stickytape, pencils, pens, computer, room and house are all anime-themed. –Lys

1283.) You have a dvd player for the specific reason of playing anime dvds. –Lys

1284.) Your printer runs out of ink at least once a week because you’re attempting to cover your house’s interior completely with pictures. –Lys

1285.) You’ve been drawing anime for 3 years and you’re considering making your own, you’re so good. (not quite true… but I’m ok, ne? ^_^;;) –Lys

1286.) You slip in many random quotes and relations to animes in your assignments, especially in Japanese. Bonus points if you do so unconsciously. –Lys

1287.) Your phone is so covered in anime pictures, you have to guess where the keys are. Oh well, it doesn’t matter, it’s not as if people matter as much as anime, anyway! –Lys

1288.) You cosplay for your driver license picture. -PippinJupiter

1289.) You wear long pigtails in order to copy Sana-chan from “Kodocha” -The Otakutopian

1290.) Your dreams all say to be continued every night and when you go back to sleep they do continue. -Dee

1291.) You have different ‘modes’ and your friends understand it. -Chi

1292.) Your non-anime friends can translate what you’re talking about to other non-anime people(true!)- PippinJupiter

1293.) You get your non-anime friends to go to a convention with you even though they still don’t like it(true!) -PippinJupiter

1294.) You say that you were looking for shards of the Shikon no Tama as an excuse for being late to class(friend did that) -PippinJupiter

1295.) When you beleive your a wolf useing a human illusion. -White wolf

1296.) If, instead of borrowing clothes like normal teen girls, you borrow mangas(so true!) -PippinJupiter

1297.) You begged you country’s leader(s) to make the weekend of your most favorite anime convention a national holiday. -The Otakuopian

1298.) You find yourself constantly talking to your cat. -Skullnatcher

1299.) You find yourself shaving crestent moons into the forehead of your cat. -Skullnatcher

1300.) You constantly find yourself making references to the times that your evil plans were thwarted by the girl down the block. -Skullnatcher