You’re an Otaku If…

701.) You walk around in public Dressed as one of the sailor scouts even though you are a guy.-Callidan

702.) You’ve ever been fanatical about a movie because it’s anime even if you haven’t seen it -Callidan

703.) You met your girlfriend when you noticed some Anime pictures on the school bulliten board -Callidan

704.) You can’t figure out why people keep asking about your girlfriend — when you don’t have one. So you ask them who they’re talking about. They respond “You know, the Annie-Mae that you keep seeing every night. Who is she anyway?” -Naoto

705.) You are thoroughly amused when you find out that when you talk with a high pitched voice into your “Watasi no Kerochan” in the talkback mode that your voice will match Kero’s on the playback. You are later seen still talking to your Kero-chan several days afterwards. -Naoto

706.) People looked at you weird when you hold out a key and say “Release!” Then you realize, oh yeah, forgot to say the necessary words before that… “Oh key that binds the forces of darkness, reveal thy true form before me …” -Naoto

707.) Every time you pick up a card lying about, you make sure to write your name on it, just to make sure that it’ll do what you tell it to. -Naoto

708.) you’ve ever made your own kimono. -sarah

709.) youv’e gotton into a fight about whether sailor moon is for little kids or not. -sarah

710.) You cringe in fear whenever you hear “Madame Butterfly.” -Baka-Shinji

711.) An anime calendar decorates your cubicle. (TRUE: Co-workers have asked about the Studio Ghibli calendar in my workspace.) -Baka-Shinji

712.) You go in search for a Meowth, because you need change for the soda machine. (Payday! PAYDAY!!) -Baka-Shinji

713.) You take a Physics class in hopes that you will find an explanation for Hammerspace. Otaku-King-in-Training if you succeed! -Baka-Shinji

714.) You enter into a discussion as to what would happen if Lynn Minmei was replaced by Marilyn Manson. (TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

715.) When you call for take-out, you do it with your back to a large mirror (HEY, YOU NEVER KNOW! IT COULD WORK!!). -Baka-Shinji

716.) You actually apply martial-arts speed techniques at the dinner table. -Baka-Shinji

717.) You actually cry “Retinal Burn” at the sight of Rini/Chibi-Usa. Well, who wouldn’t? She’s Evil, I tell you, EVIL!! -Baka-Shinji

718.) You actually practice your high-pitched maniacal “OH HO HO HO HO HOO!!” Even if you’re a bass! (Scary but TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

719.) You wonder what kind of gas mileage the [insert favorite mecha] gets. (And you thought I was gonna use “actually” here!) -Baka-Shinji

720.) If you and your friends attempt to perform the fusion dance. (Fus-ION HAA!) -Buzziato

721.) If you refuse to watch GUNDAM WING because of it focuses more on those damned bishonen than the mecha. -Buzziato

722.) You know that ROBOTECH is a mesh of several series…and you know the names of those seires. -Buzziato

723.) Have an EXO-SQUAD version of an Invid warrior when they came out..(for like..2 days) -Buzziato

724.) You have ever thought how GUNDAM would fair against MACROSS. (YF-19 vs Gundam: air buster), (then realized when pitted against Evangelion noticed how lame they are.) -Buzziato

725.) You can sympothize with Akito….(gooooo GEKIGENGAR!) -Buzziato

726.) Thought of anime chars that could take goku out. (bulma..with a capsule corps capsule hidden in the food) -Buzziato

727.) You Cried because you missed Amano at the latest con. (true for me) -Buzziato

728.) Would not go out wiht matter HOW beautiful because they don’t know of anime. -Buzziato

729.) Yelled at someone because that newly aquired EVANGELION shirt from suncoast was the last one…and they have no idea what evangelion is…(Its that Japanese stuff right?) -Buzziato

730.) You think the Fushigi Yuugi chars are the best men around… -Buzziato

731.) You’re jelous of the FY chars because your girlfriend likes them more than you ( ;_; ) -Buzziato

732.) You want to fly the “SoyoKaze” or “gentle breeze” for a certain pair of twins.. -Buzziato

733.) you yell ” FUJISAWA KENNN!” and realize your superpowers are nulled..because you are drunk… -Buzziato

734.) Think the bugrom are sorta cute. -Buzziato

735.) Yelled at Makoto for picking Ifruita(in the TV series) and princess rune(in the OAVs) Instead of Shayla-Shayla… -Buzziato

736.) Ever wanted to choke Tenchi for not choosing…and if he choose anyone other than Ryoko..(poor ryoko) -Buzziato

737.) You ever went to a convention a day early only to catch the end of the star trek convention and said “whatta buncha freaks” -Buzziato

738.) You’ve ever considered writing to the US government to ask them to abandon stealth technology in favor of piloted robots. Bonus points if you HAVE… extra bonus if they AGREE. -Megatonnage

739.) You got cheesed off at the price of Valkyrie toys, so took your Lego collection and damn well built one yourself! (Guilty although it’s more VF-11 than VF-1) -Megatonnage

740.) Your mom introduces herself to you otaku friends as q beryl -maya

741.) You frist thought when your mom got an embrodiery machine is; yes! I can put sailor saturn on my jean jacket!! and make that flightsuit I always wanted! -maya

742.) You are willing to Rick Hunter in order to meet women. (Hey, it worked for him!). -Tyree Tr’dakn

743.) You want to see the SDF-3 lay waste to the Poke`mon world. -Tyree Tr’dakn

744.) You waited in line at 5 AM in front of Walmart for Kiki’s Delivery Service to come out on home video… and they let you in before the Titanic crowd because you were a ‘normal’ customer… (Titanic and Kiki’s were released in the US on the same day…) -Ammon Allen

745.) You waited in line for 2 days to see Phantom Menace and watched a raw copy of Princess Mononoke using an adaptor for your car. -Ammon Allen

746.) You drove fourteen hours to Seattle to see the premiere of Mononoke because it was the closest place. -Ammon Allen

747.) You met your girlfriend when giving a persuasion speech on why anime is better than American toons… -Ammon Allen

748.) When deleting e-mails with viruses attached, you proclaim, “I SHALL SMITE THEE!!” -Baka-Shinji

749.) You’re able to tell your co-workers where to find Pokemon cards (including Japanese ones) in your area, even if you DON’T play the card game! (TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

750.) Most of the DVDs you have on pre-order are anime. Otaku-King-in-Training if ALL of them are! (Right now, TRUE) -Baka-Shinji

751.) You bemoan the fact that you cannot watch Gundam Wing because your local cable provider does not carry Cartoon Network. (TRUE . . . WAAAH!) -Baka-Shinji

753.) You have a mod chip installed into your Playstation JUST so you can play that Dragonball Z game. (NOT TRUE . . . It was an Eva game!) -Baka-Shinji

754.) You want to be assigned to the Soyokaze, in hopes that you get sick. (HELLOOO, NURSE!) -Baka-Shinji

755.) You’ve decided to make all of the (few) live action tv shows you watch into animes and You actually do it.

756.) Everytime you meet someone you think “now, what would they look like as an anime character…” (true!!!)

757.) You’ve downloaded this entire sites “Otaku if…” list (true)

758.) You’ve read the entire otaku if list, and to your astonishment you think their talking about you! Extra points: If you KNOW their talking about you.

759.) You’ve downloaded this site’s (and others) entire anime fun section (TOO True!!! ^_^;;;)

760.) You’ve been up for 75 hours (and counting) in front of a mirror trying to make your hair just exactly like (insert favorite anime character here) Extra points: You suceed!

761.) You make-belive that this is an anime world (true!)

762.) You can’t look up without seeing a) Super Sayiin Goku and Super Sayiin Vegeta b) two mobile suits (or Mecha’s) c) a YF-19 and a YF-21, locked in the grips of mortal combat.

763.) Your friends actually belive you when you point up and shout at a,b,or c.

764.) You’ve been held back a grade for crying incessantly, not doing your homework, and being prepetually late, in the hopes of being “just like sailor moon…”

765.) You send yourself roses pretending their from Darien (a.k.a. Tuxedo Mask)

766.) Your boyfriend broke up with you because he didn’t know this “Darien” fella was and why he kept sending his girlfriend roses.

767.) You’ve recited one of Lina Inverses spells in every possible way and was suprised that it didn’t work (TRUE!!!)

768.) You insist they let you into the U.N. meeting because your a princess from the moon (or mars, or mercury, or jupiter etc…), They let you in!

769.) Everytime you see any movie, show, person in the street, etc… you mentally turn it into an anime. (TRUE!)

770.) Your willing to defend an anime to the death… And you don’t even like it.

771.) You challenge your worst enemy to a duel to the death, “Sayiin style”

772.) You are thouroghly suprised when your “KameihaMeiHa” didn’t work, (from your hospital bed, I might add)

773.) You’re coming up with a list of Otaku if’s at three o’clock in the morning (TRUE!)

774.) You wonder what would happen if (insert male anime character here) broke up with their current who ever and got together with (insert female anime character here). e.g. Goku (DBZ), and Lina Inverse (Slayers). Darien (Sailor moon), and Jesse (Pokemon) You write a fanfic about it.

775.) You throw a (something REALLY heavy) at a person and been suprised when they didn’t get up, Been even more suprised that when they got up they didn’t have those crisscross band-aids on.

776.) You’ve told your little sister that dying her hair pink, putting it up in cones, and wearing red contacts would be ‘cool’ -V-babe

777.) When someone remarks about your anime shirt, “is that Pokemon?” you turn and give them a menacing look. -Stephen

778.) You watch re-runs of Dragonball Z hoping that Vegeta will really kill Goku this time. -Stephen

779.) Whenever a new anime comes to America and you see what’s happened to it, you don’t want to be an American. -Stephen

780.) You’ve actually punched someone when they claimed Quatre was the best Gundam-W pilot. -Stephen

781.) You start to think Gundanium is a real metal. -Stephen

782.) You’ve let people call your anime “cartoons”, simply because you don’t want them watching it. -Stephen

783.) You are ashamed when people who think Dragonball Z is the extent of anime call themselves otakus. -Stephen

784.) You’ve figured what numbers the Gundam pilot’s names are and in what language. -Stephen

785.) You feel sickened when you find a terrible anime picture, yet still download it because it’s anime. -Stephen

786.) You spend hours talking about which Gundam is the best, and at the end all you come up with is Relena is a psycho. -Stephen

787.) You know where the name Holy Cosmos is from. -Stephen

788.) You have multiple skins for ICQ\IE\Netscape\Winamp etc etc etc that are all anime-related -Zop

789.) You pre-spend your paycheck on anime paraphenelia using eBay, credit, or your tab on the closest anime stores. -Zop

790.) You have posters/wall scrolls covering every inch of the walls, doors, windows, ceiling in your room, and you rotate those with the box of others in your closet. Don’t forget the anime rugs. -Zop

791.) You’ve been surprised that the real Japanese book stores have things inside that are not in any form of English. -Zop

792.) You hate it when you try to register an anime nick/name/handle on an internet program, you find that it is already taken, along with any good number combination you can think of. -Zop

793.) You’re 19 and you feel old because you haven’t saved the world even once or discovered your super-magical fighting powers yet. -Jon-san

794.) You spend over 12 hours searching the web for the phrase for a woman who dresses as a bishounen, and cry when you can’t find it (true) -Creulite

795.) You are a woman who dresses as a bishounen chara (bonus points if it’s one you made up) (both true) -Creulite

796.) Most of the people you know online, and a good chunk of the people who know you in real life, think you’re a bishounen cuz they’ve never seen you out of costume (sadly, true) -Creulite

797.) You get asked out by girls while in costume as a bishounen (true) (bonus points if you accept, and they don’t care when they find out ) -Creulite

798.) You constantly bug your dad to dig out all those anime tapes you know he has from the seventies/eighties (true) -Creulite

799.) You see pics of your dad dressed as Rick Hunter (from when he was like 20) and don’t laugh (true) -Creulite

800.) You’ve actually worn odongos in a public area (bonus points if it wasn’t cuz of Sailor Moon) (both true) -Creulite