Anime Definitions

The Unofficial Anime Definition Page

Akira – v. To reach such a high level of psychic power you can’t control it. (i.e. Kyousuke Akira’d and blew up the disco.)

“A-ko/B-ko thing” – n. A running fight so destructive you can follow it from a distance just by watching for the smoke.

Bubblegum – pref. Roughly equivalent to “Mechacyberpunk-“.

Dirty Pair Event – n. Any incredibly destructive and casualty-causing event which is no-one’s fault in particular. (i.e. “Due to a minor Dirty Pair event, Southern China is now mostly uninhabitable.”)

D-load – v. To launch as many missiles from an Armored Veritech/Valkyrie as it is capable of launching. Usually used against a large number of targets.

Gundam – v. The act of killing off a major character, just as the audience was beginning to like the person. adj. The state of being an expensive, undefeatable prototype for an otherwise ineffective weapon system.

Macek – v. To rewrite a story according to your own preferences, with no regard for the original material. (i.e. Jim maceked “King Lear” and gave it a happy ending.)

Miitaka – v. The act of catching a glint of sunlight (with sound effects) at a proper theatrical moment. Often performed by tennis instructors. [Maison Ikkoku]

Minmei – n. Exceedingly cute female character with large eyes that shimmer frequently. Cranial content is usually somewhat lacking. (synonym: Space Woo-woo)

Minmay – v. Behaving in the fashion of a Minmei. (i.e. HEY! Can’t you read? The sign says “No Minmaying”!)

Noriko – v. To fire one’s mechs’/ships’ ultra-megadeath weapons by screaming it’s name at the top of your lungs. (i.e. “BUSTERRRRR BEEEEAAAAAMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!”) [Gunbuster]

Priss – v. To regenerate from a massive wound or broken bone within minutes. (i.e. Being an immortal, Yakumo will priss after taking a lot of damage.) [3×3 Eyes]

Rick Hunter – v. To say “uh!” a lot.

Robotech (ro’ bo tek) – v. 1. To take various bits of plot line which are not at all connected and jam them together until they almost fit into one continuous story. 2. In missiles, to scatter in a random direction after launch, then converge from several directions on the target. Thought to confuse/defeat anti-missile systems.

Roy Fokker – v. To die because you’re being a macho schmuck.

SFH (Submunitions From Hell) – n. Any sort of missile that contains dozens if not hundreds of guided bomblets/minirockets designed to spread huge amounts of destruction over a large area. v. To use such ordnance in battle (acronym only). (i.e. The Minerva SFHed Big Murphy’s pirate base to cover the escape of the Crushers.)

3-M: – v. Abbr. of Macross Missile Massacre.

Apoklyamon:n – n. 1. a impossibly strong villain that appears at the end of a series and is killed by a power the hero didn’t know they had. also cant be around for more then 2 episodes