Too Much Tenchi Muyo 1-100

Too Much Tenchi Muyo When…

1.) When u try to put jewels in your wrists. -littlrddog

2.) You try to give carrots to your dog or cat. -hussltown

3.) When you try to fly but later to break your arm in 3 places. -Hussltown

4.) You try to make a labatory in the closet but then they tell you to stop going to the closed! -Hussltown

5.) You throw your cat or dog up to the sky and think it will change into a spaceship.(tried it) -hussltown

6.) When you try to dress the tress as your sidekicks!! -Hussltown

7.) When you try to go threw walls but then you get knock out. -hussltown

8.) When you get a fight and tell 2 tree logs to help you to attack but then THEY attack you. -littlrddog

9.) When you try to teleport from a fight, but then u are still THERE.(have done it:)) -littlrddog

10.) When you go to every cave trying to find DEMONS!!! -littlrddog

11.) When you touch your earing and try to get a new costume but then u don’t -littlrddog

12.) When you try to find a egg in the bottom of the rivers!! -hussltown

13.) You go to the court and change your name to tenchi muyo and your social class to Jurie. -hussltown

14.) You think so hard to take the light hawk wings out, but then you have a big headach! -hussltown & littlrddog

15.) You try to plant a special seed to see if a spaceship will grow. -hussltown

16.) You see in the yellow pages to look up the phone number of the Galaxy Police. -Hussltown

17.) You try to make a carrot field to see if ryo-oh-ki comes. -hussltown

18.) In your high school you always see if if any demon is following you. -hussltown