Too Much Outlaw Star 1-100

Too Much Outlaw Star When…

1.) If you asked a tattoo artist to draw scars on your body. -AyoReiko

2.) You always wear big, oversized gloves, whether you are sleeping, complaining about the heat, or battling space pirates. -AyoReiko

3.) You wear a tie, yet you’re a girl. -AyoReiko

4.) You think suspenders go with short shorts and a tie. -AyoReiko

5.) You ordered a bokuto and was put in a hospital after trying to slice a semi in half. -AyoReiko

6.) You refuse to date humans, androids are so much better. -AyoReiko

7.) You glued two bowls together, put on eyes, and was surprised when they didn’t say that they worry about their future aspects. -AyoReiko

8.) You’ve sawed a automatic shot gun in half, painted it brown, and only put one shell in at a time. -AyoReiko

9.) You dyed your hair red and asked your car repair man to paint your car “This color here.” -AyoReiko

10.) You dyed your hair blonde and always wear a jacket. -AyoReiko

11.) You named your pet cat Kemmy and your daughter Hameo. -AyoReiko

12.) You have every size of the Outlaw star Jersey, incase you get fat or thin. -AyoReiko

13.)You think you have to take of your clothe to drive your car. -AyoReiko

14.) You named you car after what your girlfriends social class was and what killed her. ( Hilda the OUTLAW flew into a STAR right before gene named the ship. heh) -AyoReiko

15.) You always tell your girlfriend (who you think is an android) that there are three powers in space… Why did Gene say “A beautiful women once told me….” when it was realy SWANZO! does gene find a human frog beautiful? hmmm -AyoReiko

16.) You get a habit of fighting homicidal androids on accident. -AyoReiko

17.) You often take a knife out of your boot, to kill an android, no doubt, and later put it back in your belt. -AyoReiko

18.) You often accuse your girlfriend of being in love with the guy who killed your father, when your father isn’t even dead! -AyoReiko

19.) You wondered countless times if Genes cloak comes in your size. -AyoReiko

20.) You think your dream girl only has one eye. -AyoReiko

21.) You bought several Gene/Melfina and the Outlaw Star figure sets. -AyoReiko

23.) You cried when you found out that they don’t make models of the “mechanical soldiers” from the “Creeping Evil” episode -AyoReiko

24.) You hum “through the night” in school. -AyoReiko

25.) You were brought in to a police station for speeding, and you said “Speeding?! I was only in ether drive! -AyoReiko

26.) If you ask you car dealer if your car has the munchoisan drive. -AyoReiko

27.) You refuse to buy any other anime unless it is in a Three-case collection. -AyoReiko

28.) If you were brought into a police station for being a pirating OLS onto vcd illegally from you computer and you kept saying “I’m not a pirate I’m an outlaw!” Which got you into more bad situations. -AyoReiko

29.) If you were mad at me for writing Hameo and kemmy when it is really hanmyeo and kemi. (^_^) -AyoReiko

30.) You laughed when a boy wore a tie because ties are for girls! -AyoReiko

31.) You think that White is a natural hair color for Cat Girls. -AyoReiko

32.) You looked up terrans or terrace in the dictionairy and found out that it does mean earth! -AyoReiko

33.) You wrote a 30-some list long page of too much Outlaw star if. *sneeze” someone must be talking about me ^.^ -AyoReiko

34.) All your handles (and nicknames) are OLS related. -AyoReiko

35.) You get excited when you hear the name gene. -AyoReiko

36.) You have so many original cells you can almost make a whole episode. -AyoReiko

37.) You know the seiyuus of all the characters. -AyoReiko

38.) You think its neat how Suzuka’s Japanese voice just says “Sayura” and no last name. -AyoReiko

39.) You Fall asleep Listening to Ayako’s (Melfina’s) voice because its the voice of an angel! (YES IT IS!) -AyoReiko

40.) You have laughed at the trailer of Cowboy Bebop of the first disc trailer. (It is really funny!) -AyoReiko