Too Much Initial D 1-100

Too Much Initial D When…

1.) You refer to duct tape as “Gum Tape.” -Matt Cramer

2.) None of your friends will ride in your car on a mountain road. -Matt Cramer

3.) You refer to Japanese cars by their alphanumeric chassis designations instead of their names. -Matt Cramer

4.) You went and bought a Hachi Roku. -Matt Cramer

5.) And wrote “Fujiwara Tofu Shop” on it. -Matt Cramer

6.) Or you gave up looking for a Hachi Roku because the other Initial D fans seem to have bought every last one in town, so you settled for a white RX-7. -Matt Cramer

7.) You are disappointed when attendants at full service gas stations fail to bow when you depart. -Matt Cramer