Too Much Evangelion 1-100

Too Much Eva When…

1.) After drinking anything in a can you let out a big laugh and act like your getting a buzz from it

2.) You call the pet store and ask if they got any of those new warm weather penguins

3.) You name your pet parrot “Pen Pen”

4.) White underwear is all you wear now

5.) Your pick up line now is “hey it expanded”

6.) After a blackout you tell your family your going to take charge

7.) You now always wear erasers in your hair claiming its your brain probes

8.) You always wear red hair clips in your hair like Asuka yet your a boy

9.) You refuse to show emotions until your parents order you to

10.) I can’t be your friend until i’m ordered to

11.) You join a synchronized aerobics class telling your parents that this will make you a better pilot

12.) You have every version of “Fly me to the moon”

13.) You think the original singer of fly me to the moon is Japanese

14.) Your new favorite color now is purple

15.) Blue haired women with red eyes are now your perfect mate (find them at the next heavy metal concert hope you like body piercing)

16.) You created a “You watch to much Evangelion when..” list (who wrote that one sheesh:P )

17.) You claim that you are bonded to your Eva. If you don’t have one then your boned to your tv

18.) You purchased the Evangelion episodes even though the last anime tape you bought was one of the Ranma 1/2 OVAs’

19.) You purchased extra Evangelion tapes in case of VCR eating’s

20.) You claim you can pull an AT field out of anywhere (maybe your ass)

21.) You find Rei sexy. Come on who doesn’t love that blue haired albino look with a personality to match

22.) Your typical answer is “Mmm.. mondai nai” — (example question: Sorry, but we’ll have to kill off your family, is it OK?) -Naoto

23.) You network three of your computers together and call them Caspar, Balthasar, and Melchior… -Naoto

24.) You picked up a hobby/utility knife (made by Olfa) just because you wanted a “progression knife” -Naoto

25.) In various situations you’re found mumbling to yourself “Nigecha dame.. nigecha dame… nigecha dame” (e.g. you’ve been pulled over by a cop) -Naoto

26.) You’ve taken a liking to pushy red-headed girls that speak German… -Naoto

27.) Every time you’re fustrated at someone, you say “anta baka!?!” -Naoto

28.) You start putting curry into your instant ramen -Naoto

29.) You’ve got 1:1 scale Asuka and Rei figures (only about 300000 Yen each — see the site — no kidding!) -Naoto

30.) Everytime you see a cross you think your being bombarded by an angel. -RowanQ

31.) Everytime you see a star of david you get nervous because you think it’s Professor Ikari. -RowanQ

32.) You get angry at your pet Parrot “Pen Pen” for refusing to read the paper and eat raw fish in the morning. -RowanQ

33.) You read a religous text and think to yourself “Cool! New eva manga!” -RowanQ

34.) You refer to your mother as “unit 1” -RowanQ

35.) When you refer to your 1979 Desial Volkwagon Rabbit that has 700 000 km on it As “Unit 02” because it’s Red and it sound like and EVA roaring when you step on the gas. -Grimm

36.) Too much eva when You stop somebody from drinking Orange soda (slice) saying it is old LCL. -Gina

37.) You on purposely make bad instant food. -Gina

38.) When you watch alarms you think your life support systems are failing. -Gina

39.) You don’t know why you do good things for other people. -Gina

40.) You switch your beer to kirin beer thinking that you will get a much better buzz out of it than you regular beer. -Gina

41.) You start telling people that LCL is the best thing to drink at parties. -Disaster

42.) You think your mother’s spirit is in an Eva when she’s really standing next to you. -Raymond N.

43.) You try to create a Dirac Sea in the middle of Tokyo -Zeruel

44.) You constantly refer to Tokyo as “Tokyo-3” -Zeruel

45.) You wonder why N2 mines aren’t used in wars -Zeruel

46.) You scream out Asuka’s name during sex -Zeruel

47.) You ruin a good pitchfork while attempting to create a Lance of Longinus -Zeruel

48.) You don’t speak a word of japanease but you know “Zankoku na tenshi no youni” by heart! -Itamarm

49.) You keep pushing your glasses upwards , even when they’re exactly where they should be. -Itamarm

50.) You know the reasons for not using n2 mines -Shiro

51.) You start having nightmares about a doll dangling from a noose. -Matt