Too Much Anime Music 1-100

You know you listen to too much anime music when…

1.) You listen to it before you fo to sleep

2.) You have you favorite songs in Mp2, Mp3, wav, and midi format

3.) You know the name of the song by hearing the first ten seconds of the song

4.) You tell your friends that Minmei is a bigger pop star then Michael Jackson and your friends point at you and laugh and say “Ha Michael Jackson”

5.) You go to Japan just to buy the Robot Carnival soundtrack

6.) You have all the Sailor Moon CDs

7.) You go to Japan and the only anime soundtrack that you bought is the North American Sailor Moon CD

8.) Somebody asked you if you listen to Smashing Pumpkins and you ask them what anime did they do

9.) You buy a CD player just for those Ranma CDs, love that Doco

10.) You have arguments which female band is sexier Spice Girls, En Vogue, or Doco

11.) You can actually say which member of Doco sounds better (Megumi Hayashibara in my opinion)

12.) J-pop is next on your list

13.) Zip disk and Jaz disks filled with anime music that you downloaded (Griffin has zip and Inuyasha had Jaz)

14.) You download every version of Fly Me To the Moon (hehehe Griffin)

15.) You can tell the difference in all versions of Fly me to the Moon

16.) Your judgement on animes are based on the soundtrack

17.) 56k helps you download anime songs faster

18.) Everytime that you hear ya papa you can’t help but laugh

19.) Your working on creating MP7’s so your anime music will sound better

20.) When watching anime previews you are astonished and you say “Wow what a song I got to get that anime.” ex. “Touch My Heart” from Yohko 6 and “The advertisement song for Gunsmith Cats”

21.) You start to have a hard time understanding the lyrics to english songs

22.) You have ever worn-out a video tape at the intro. or credits

23.) You buy anime videos that really suck just for the music.

24.) You can fluently sing in Japanese, even though you can’t speak a word of it

25.) You already had all the music files in this web page before you ever heard of it

26.) You are listening to anime music while you are reading this list. (I swear, I was)

27.) You measure your Music storge space in GIG’s. -Grimm

28.) You buy a CD burner to Burn Mp3’s to CD and most likely never listen to them ever again because you found a better version. -Grimm