Survival Guide: Transportation

Some quick tips on vehicles:

Invest in a pilot’s license. I don’t care how much it
costs. If available, make it a VF license. No matter
where you live, no matter what you do, it WILL come in handy.

Remember, the anime laws of physics apply to vehicles just as they do
to people, so expect to be able to make hairpin turns at 60 MPH, barrel
rolls that put most people into the hospital, and flying motorcycle leaps
off of high buildings.

Two words: liability insurance.

If you’re a college student, get a motorcycle; a sidecar is a good
idea, too. Don’t get a car. If you do, you will probably find
you no longer have a use for it.

If your car is essential to your job, soup it up.&nbsp Cobra GTs are
especially good for racing, bounty hunting, and looking cool, while
limos always work best when equipped with extra features, like an
entertainment center and local mobster.

If your spaceship of choice routinely transforms into a cute, cuddly,
highly marketable furry creature, be sure to keep an extra-large supply of
carrots on hand.

Get a Gunbuster. It looks cool and you can defend the
Earth from invading aliens in your spare time.


If you get one expect to either never use it or be seriously
involved with it, i.e. flying of an unfinished bridge, getting hit by women
in fast cars, or riding it across fences/telephone lines. Also learn how to
accurately land on people’s faces, heads, bodies, etc while using only one
free hand to steer.