Survival Guide: Economics


Cat Girl

Time and place: Any
Requirements: Female, Feline
Role Models: Nuku-Nuku, Puma Sisters
Commentary: Developing fighting ability should be your main concern
when taking up this profession, although looking good in a bikini comes in
as a close second. As the second corrallary to the Law of
Probable Attire states, “Bikinis render the wearer invulnerable to any
form of damage.” Cat-girls traditionally make extensive use of
this fact.


Time and place: Any
Requirements: None
Role Models: None
Commentary: Not necessarily the safest profession, but definitely
the most uninteresting. Practice looking surprised.

Fantasy Hero

Time and place: Medieval Setting (Lodoss, Palse)
Requirements: Sword, Armor, Willingness to charge at things
Role Models: Parn, Arislan, Gourry
Commentary: Fantasy heroes often get thrown about by forces
beyond their control, but it seems like such FUN! There are two
basic types of fantasy heroes: budding young fighters and experienced
knights. Budding young heroes get far more bruises, but older
knights often end up as secondary characters by the end of the series,
making way for budding young fighters.

Should you decide to pursue a career as a fantasy hero,
you should immediately begin recruiting a party of fantasy adventurers
with other various abilities to make up for your obvious lack of

Fantasy Villian

Time and place: Medieval Setting (Lodoss, Palse)
Requirements: Bad-ass Sword, Bad-ass Armor, Attitude
Role Models: Ashram
Commentary: Fantasy villians ususally get a bad rap, but then
that’s the point. Becoming a fantasy villian can be a tough
choice. It’s sometimes difficult to determine whether or not
villianny is an appropriate calling for you. If you have doubts,
consider this: if you can, in all honesty and sincerity, say “Damn, I’m
evil” with a straight face, then you’re right for the job.

Galaxy Police Officer

Time and place: NA
Requirements: Weapon Proficiency, Questionable Intelligence
Role Models: Mihoshi, Kiyone
Commentary: Galaxy Police officers are some of the most
well-trained law enforcement officials in the universe. They
scour the stars hunting down fugitives from justice and battling
statute of limitation laws. Though not always on the ball on all
things, since nepotism carries some cadets most of the way through
training, Galaxy Police Officers are still a respected and in some
cases feared force in the galaxy.


Time and place: NA
Requirements: Youth
Role Models: Keichi, Tenchi, A-Ko
Commentary: This is the standard non-futuristic anime
profession. For guys, it represents the clueless, sometimes
witless college kid who ends up stumbling into situations beyond his
control. For girls, it represents the uniformed school girl that
can call on mystical powers, martial arts skills, or tactical weaponry
to solve complex social problems. In either case, students often
graduate to other professions, such as martial arts master.


Time and place: Any
Requirements: Insanely high intelligence, Arrogance
Role Models: Jung-Freud, Washuu
Commentary: Are you hyper-intelligent? Do you redesign
buildings in your spare time? Have you single-handedly developed a
winning tactical strategy? Have you unlocked the secrets of genetic
manipulation, used, and rewritten them? If so, the title of
Super-genius may be right for you.

Smartass/Comic Relief Character

Time and place: Any
Requirements: None
Role Models: N/A (?)
Commentary: any character whose main function is to provide comic relief is
automatically invincible and immortal. NOTHING can kill them. On the downside, it’s
almost guaranteed that they’ll be severely injured on a regular basis. But this is a small
price to pay for immortality.