Drinking Game – Yu Yu Hakusho

1.) Drink when Yusuke uses swear language -Ken Feasel

2.) Drink once when Yusuke fights someone -Ken Feasel

3.) Drink twice when Yusuke actually listens to Botan’s advice -Ken Feasel

4.) Drink when yusuke says kuwabara.

5.) Drink when yusuke says along the lines of, old hag, old lady, grandma. -NeoNemo

6.) Drink when kuwabara tries to impress a girl. -NeoNemo

7.) Drink when kuwabara thinks he’s in love. -NeoNemo

8.) Drink when hiei insults kuwabara. -NeoNemo

9.) Drink when yusuke uses spirit gun. -NeoNemo

10.) Drink when kuwabara uses his spirit sword. -NeoNemo

11.) Drink when a special attack is used 🙂 -NeoNemo

12.) Drink when they say the name of the special attack. (heh guess you drink twice then for each attack). -NeoNemo

Designated Driver: Drink when Yusuke loses a fight -Ken Feasel