Drinking Game – Vision of Escaflowne

1.) Drink whenever a guymelef is destroyed(may want to be ommitted in ep. 14, ep. 23, and other eps with major battle scenes)-Ed

2.) Drink once whenever Hitomi thinks of a romantic relationship with Allen.-Ed

3.) Drink once when Merle glomps Van.-Ed

4.) Down the bottle when someone wrecks a guymelef with an infantry sword.-Ed

5.) Drink once everytime Escaflowne changes into a dragon and finish the bottle whenever Escaflowne fires it’s jets.-Ed

6.) Drink once whenever Allen mentions her sister.-Ed

7.) Drink once whenever you hear “Dance of Curse” in the subtitled version. (damn Fox Kids… whitenizing a cool anime)-Ed

8.) Drink once whenever Hitomi pulls out her tarot cards.-Ed

9.) Drink once whenever destiny or fortune is mentioned or involved in an event in the story.-Ed

10.) Drink once whenever you see Arcadian wings. Twice if it’s Vans. THree times if it’s Folken’s.-Ed

11.) Drink once whenever Van feels Escaflowne’s pain.-Ed