Drinking Game – Trigun

1.) Drink once whenever Kuroneko-Sama (black cat) appears, twice if it meows.

2.) Drink once every time “Love and Peace” is mentioned.

3.) Whenever Vash drinks, drink along with him.

4.) Drink again when he (Vash) pukes.

5.) Drink whenever vash denies being vash. -by Ewan

6.) Drink once everytime Millie and Pudding are shown/mentioned in a scene. -Jenz

7.) Drink again if Ryouga shows up to challenge Ranma. -Jenz

8.) Drink once more if Ranma kicks Ryougas butt. -Jenz

9.) Drink once if someone is punted into the sky. -Jenz

Smashed Rule: Drink whenever vash makes a Super deformed face or someone says something along the lines of “NOT VASH THE STAMPEDE!!!!” -by Ewan

Designated driver rule: Drink twice every time guns are NOT mentioned in an episode Ranma 1/2- Drink once everytime Ryouga shows up. -Jenz