Drinking Game – Slayers

1.) Drink everytime the dragonslave is cast -by Ewan

2.) Drink everytime lina punches someone -by Ewan

3.) Drink whenever gourry says somthing stupid or makes a pun -by Ewan

4.) Drink everytime sylphiel says “gourry dear” (WARNING COULD BE LEATHAL IN LATER EPISODES of 1st series) -by Ewan

5.) Drink every time xellos says “now that’s a secret” -by Ewan

6.) Drink every time Naga the Serpent laughs (OVA only). -by BigKwell

Slayers Try

1.) Drink everytime filia stops for tea -by Ewan

2.) Drink everytime filia hits someone with her mace -by Ewan

Smashed Rule: Drink every time the sword of light is drawn or someone says “light come forth!” -by Ewan

Super Smashed / Suicidal Rule: Drink every time a spell is cast -by Ewan

Smashed Rule: Drink every time there is collateral property damage -by Ewan