Drinking Game – Robotech

1.) Drink once whenever the narrator explains the obvious to the audience.

2.) Drink once whenever Minmei gets slapped. (then yell “Slap her again!”)

3.) Drink once whenever a character says “huh?”, “uh?”, etc.

4.) Drink once whenever Lisa or Minmei says, “Oh, Rick!”

5.) Drink once whenever the same animation sequence is used over in a battle scene.

6.) Drink once whenever Lisa/Dana/Marie/Bowie/Scott starts moping over a lost love.

7.) Drink once whenever a main character dodges a huge onslaught of enemy fire, to destroy a large quantity of enemy mecha.

8.) Drink twice whenever the narrator tells a different story than what really happened.

9.) Drink twice whenever the word ‘protoculture’ is misused.

10.) Drink twice whenever Capt. Gloval tries to smoke on the bridge.

11.) Drink twice whenever Capt. Gloval says “thundering asteroids!!”

Designated driver rule: Drink once whenever Macek’s version of Protoculture makes complete sense.