Drinking Game – Record of Lodoss War

1.) Drink every time Ghim and Deedlit have a fight -by Ewan

2.) Drink every time Karla appears -by Ewan

3.) Drink every time a spell is cast -by Ewan

4.) Drink every time either the Holy Sword of Valis or Soul Crusher glows / Vibrates -by Ewan

5.) Drink every time a dragon appears -by Ewan

6.) Drink every time Pirotess professes her love for Ashram -by Ewan

7.) Drink once whenever Pern’s lack of skill becomes evident.

8.) Drink twice if Pern completely misses an obvious (romantic) signal from Deidrit.

9.) Drink twice whenever Gim makes a racial insult.

10.) Drink once whenever Parn throws himself against an Evil Purple Magic Barrier (TM), twice if it’s another colour. This is cumulative. If Parn throws himself against a barrier, bounces off, then jumps right back at it, that’s two drinks.

Designated driver rule: Drink once anytime Karla actually balances good and evil in Lodoss.

Smashed Rule: Drink every time someone is killed -by Ewan

Smashed Rule: Drink every time someone says “Kardis” -by Ewan