Drinking Game – Ranma

1.) Drink once for a P-Chan squeal.

2.) Drink once whenever a cursed transformation occurs in Ranma 1/2.

3.) Drink once whenever Akane thinks she loves Ranma and then cringes.

4.) Drink whenever Shampoo talks about how much Ranma loves her.

5.) Drink when Kuno says red-pigtail girl. -NeoNemo

6.) Drink when Nabiki cons someone (gets money from someone), most likely Kuno. -NeoNemo

7.) Drink when dr. tofu sees Kasumi and gets wierd. Continue drinking until he stops. -NeoNemo

8.) Drink when Ranma gets scared of cats. -NeoNemo

9.) Drink when Akane hits ranma. -NeoNemo

10.) Drink when Akane calls ranma a pervert. -NeoNemo