Drinking Game – Pokémon

1.) Drink whenever Brock gets beet red from seeing a pretty girl.

2.) Drink the whole thang whenever Ash gives one of his Pokémon away or let’s it go.

3.) Drink whenever Misty smacks Ash and/or Brock.

4.) Drink twice whenever Psyduck comes out of Misty’s Pokébal when she doesn’t want it to.

5.) Drink twice when James crossdresses for Team Rocket purposes (yeah right).

6.) Drink when Team Rocket’s motto is recited. Drink for the duration of the motto. -Ken Feasel

7.) Drink once if Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy shows up. -Jenz

8.) Drink twice if Brock is right there to gush over them. -Jenz

9.) Drink once if James is forced to do something against his will. -Jenz

10.) Drink twice if its’ because of Jessie. -Jenz

11.) Down the thing if it’s because of Meowth. -Jenz

12.) Drain the bottle if Brock actually gets the girl. -Jenz

Designated driver: drink whenever Team Rocket actually succeed in something.