Drinking Game – Love Hina

1.) Drink Every Time Keitaro or Shinobu apologizes. -ArtemisDream

2.) Drink every time Naru smacks Keitaro -ArtemisDream

3.) Drink every time something of su-chans blows up. -ArtemisDream

4.) Drink, and continue drinking everytime you see a scene of the girls in the hot springs until the scene ends. -ArtemisDream

5.) Drink whenever Tama is flying -ArtemisDream

6.) Drink twice whenever Seta-san crashes -ArtemisDream

7.) Drink once for every time you see Keitaro Fail his Exams, Finish the Whole drink if he passes it. -ArtemisDream

8.) Drink everytime Keitaro Touches another females body part by accident. -ArtemisDream

9.) Drink whenever Motoko draws her sword.. Twice if its against Keitaro -ArtemisDream

10.) Drink whenever the Village elders come on the screen -ArtemisDream

11.) Drink whenever Keitaros two friends fail to score a date. -ArtemisDream