Drinking Game – Kimagure Orange Road

1.) Drink once for a premonitory dream, take a shot at the end of the ep if Kyosuke completely misinterpreted it.

2.) Drink once if Kurumi or Manami is scarfing food, twice if they get into an argument, three times if ESPer powers come into play, four times if Kyosuke is the main victim.

3.) Drink twice for an “Ayukawa Slap(TM)”

4.) Drink twice if Kyosuke switches bodies, three times if its someone (or thing) other than Kazuya.

5.) Drink twice each time Kyosuke timeslips, three times if its the birthday ep with two of him.

6.) Drink twice if Kyosuke hypnotizes himself.

7.) Drink once if Madoka uses a “razor sharp guitar pick” in combat, twice if an earlier scene shows her equipping the “pick garter.”

8.) Drink twice if Madoka plays a sax solo to express her mood.

9.) Drink twice whenever Hikaru ends a romantic moment between everyone’s favorite ESPer couple.

10.) Drink twice if Akane uses her powers.

Designated driver rule: Drink once whenever Komatsu and Hatta aren’t being lecherous.

AnimEigo only: Drink twice everytime “Kasuga-kun” or “Ayukawa” is subbed as “Kyosuke” or “Madoka” respectively.