Drinking Game – General Rules

1.) Drink once whenever there is a bath/shower scene.

2.) Drink once everytime a robot combines/transforms etc. Twice if it is accompanied by the “Synthesized Battle Music Theme”.

3.) Drink once everytime a character says an English word or phrase. Finish the bottle if the word is “Darlin”.

4.) Drink once whenever you see a sign, computer readout etc. in English. Three times if it’s not spelled right.

5.) Drink once whenever a Hyperdimensional sledgehammer/16 ton weight/.44 Automag is used to subdue somebody.

6.) Drink once if the big giant robot ends up being piloted by somebody other than the person who was supposed to fly it.

7.) Drink once when the background goes abstract for dramatic effect. If the action repeats itself X times, drink X times.

8.) Drink once when an unexpected wind gust blows a character’s hair to make him/her look pensive.

9.) Drink once if a character has one eye covered constantly by his or her hair.

10.) Drink once if a major character gets to have a long speech or monologue before he or she dies.

11.) Drink once when a (beautiful) female character is shown in a slow pan from her ankles up to her head.

12.) Drink once when a character’s eyes vibrate to show inner tension.

13.) Drink once when you get a theme song which sounds like “Tiffany On Helium.”

14.) Drink every two minutes of an episode of “Double Zeta Gundam” (You’ll NEED it)

15.) Drink once for a magical girls transformation sequence, twice if it’s Sailor Moon.

16.) Drink once anytime a number of characters in a scene fall over rigid, drink twice if it’s specifically a “Takahashi falldown”

17.) Drink once for an in-joke from another anime or Star Trek.

18.) Drink once at the beginning of the show, (this is also cumulative) if one of the seiyuu is Hayashibara Megumi, Tsuru Hiromi, Sakuma Rei, Hidaka Noriko, Shimamoto Sumi, Tomizawa Michie, Inoue Kikuko, Aya Hisakawa, Shimazu Saeko or Ikeda Shuhichi.

19.) Drink once when the laws of physics are violated (depending on your knowledge of physics, this is almost the entire show for anything mecha-related)

20.) Drink once everytime animation is reused in a series.

21.) Drink once whenever bad food is prepared by an anime girl, half if someone actually eats it.

22.) Drink once when someone is about to say something monumental only to be interrupted by a third party.

23.) Drink once when someone shouts out the name of the attack before attacking.

24.) Drink once on bathing suit scenes, the whole thing if it’s actually relevant to the plot.

25.) Drink once whenever the main character has fantasy dream sequences, chug if (s)he is rudely awakened by reality.

26.) Drink once whenever excessive and needless violence is used. (Warning: Only for drinkers with a heavy tolerance!)

27.) Drink twice whenever someone bleeds from the mouth.

28.) Drink twice for a nosebleed.

29.) Drink twice every time someone makes an elaborate death speech.

30.) Drink twice every time someone dies just as they’re about to say something important.

31.) Drink half every time a character’s hair changes to some completely weird color when in dim light. (such as Rally’s hair in Silent Mobius, or Miyu’s to an extent, whenever she’s in the Dark.)

32.) Drink once anytime a Miyazaki flying machine appears on the screen.

33.) Drink whenever possible (e. g. in between breaths) while watching dubs. It dulls the pain.

Designated driver rule: Drink once when the military actually does a strategically intelligent move.

Designated driver rule: Drink once if you hear song lyrics that have a direct bearing on the plot.