Drinking Game – Final Fantasy

1.) Drink once whenever a single character saves everyone else in combat and gets all the XP. -ed

2.) Drink once every minute of a chocobo ride. -ed

3.) Drink once for every critical hit. -ed

4.) Drink once every time you get hit by an attack that drains all but one HP. -ed

5.) Drink once whenever you use a restorative spell to kill a monster (using Curaga to kill zombies) -ed

6.) Drink once whenever you cure an enemy with elemental magic (Fire, Blizzard/Ice, Thunder/Bolt) -ed

7.) Drink once whenver you are annhilated. -ed

8.) Drink once whenever you see or hear of a genocide. -ed

9.) Drink whenever your favorite character gets killed. Drink the bottle if the death is indefinite. -ed

10.) Drink once for any indefinite death. -ed

11.) Drink if the character is wielding a very obscure weapon (use own discretion) -ed

12.) Drink once for every round fired from a semi-automatic weapon. Drink once for every volley of rounds fired from a full-auto weapon. -ed

13.) Drink once for every wound drawn from a really large bladed weapon. -ed

14.) Drink whenever you are fighting low level monsters when you are at a high level. (ex. midgar plains at lvl 62) -ed

15.) Drink twice if it also drains all your MP. Drink the bottle if you deliver a hit of the sort. -ed

16.) Drink for every limit break/trance/whatever it may be called. -ed

17.) Drink (3 shots) every time you find a characters ultimate weapon. -ed

18.) Drink once every four minutes of a flashback. -ed

19.) Drink whenever you see a moogle.Drink twice if he says “Kupo”. -ed

20.) Drink if the Moogle’s name IS “kupo”. -ed