Drinking Game – Dirty Pair

1.) Drink the rest if Kei goes after a man for some other reason than his looks.

2.) Drink once every time something violent happens, i.e., Yuri fires into a wall to scare someone, or one of the Pair dodges a punch that puts a dent in a wall.

3.) Drink once when either of the Pair is shown dressed in less than her normal costume (i.e., torn, in underwear, entirely nude).

4.) Chug (entire remaining quantity) when a “Dirty Pair Event” happens, i.e., when something nasty and multiply-fatal happens that ISN’T REALLY THEIR FAULT.

5.) Chug when Yuri uses the bloody card(TM) to off 16+ goons in 5 seconds time in “Affair of Nolandia”.