Drinking Game – Digimon

These work best with the 1st and 2nd season.

1.) Drink when every level a Digimon rises at once -Gemini Star

2.) Drink when each time Matt&Tai/Davis&T.K./Rika&fill in the blank or Takuya&Kouji get into a fight. -Gemini Star

3.) Drink (2 shots) if that fight contains the Digimon. -Gemini Star

4.) Drink (2 shots) if you see hintings of a couple you like (e.x.-Tai blushing around Sora, or Ryo calling Rika ‘Pumpkin’) -Gemini Star

5.) Drink (3 shots) every time a villan laughs a really annoying/scary laugh. -Gemini Star