Drinking Game – Cowboy Bebop

1.) Drink every time someone dies -by Ewan

2.) Drink every time there is large amounts of property damage -by Ewan

3.) Drink when spike does that “bang” thing with his finger. -by Ed

4.) Drink when spike beats the crap out of someone or a mob of someones using only his jeet-kune-do skills. Down the bottle when he CAN’T beat someone with his jeet-kune-do skills. -by Ed

5.) Drink when a little-girl form of faye is shown. -by Ed

6.) Drink when jet is caring for his bonzai trees. -by Ed

7.) Drink when you see faye on the toilet. -by Ed

8.) Drink when you see spike wrapped up in bandages. -by Ed

9.) Drink when you see any form of product placement. -by Ed

10.) Drink when julia is seen in a flashback, and down the bottle if she is not seen in flashback. -by Ed