Drinking Game – Bubblegum Crisis/Crash!

1.) Drink once at the sight of any Buma (humanoid or not.) twice if/when it sheds its skin.

2.) Drink once every time Nene yells at the other Knight Sabers that they are ‘picking on her’

3.) Drink once every time Nene says something about food.

4.) Drink twice whenever the ADPolice make themselves look completelyworthless.

5.) Drink once if Nene misses her shot.

6.) Drink twice if Priss makes her shot, but still gets pulverizedanyway.

7.) Drink once whenever the DD or Genki (Vision’s mech) appears.

8.) Drink once if Leon propositions Priss.

9.) Drink twice if Daley propositions Leon.

10.) Drink twice if Macky is trying to “sneak a peek,” three times if its his own sister, Sylia.

11.) Drink twice for a “suit-up scene”

12.) Drink once anytime Priss goes off half-cocked on her own.

13.) Drink once anytime Priss is outmatched, Drink twice if it is a result of her going off on her own.

14.) Drink once every time someone violates one of the Eleven Regulations of the Knight Sabers.

15.) Drink again at the end of every episode because Sylia keeps violating Regulation 11 by not executing the offending Saber.