Character Quotes – Tenchi Muyo!

1.) “Well, there is one thing we can do….Pray real hard!”- Washu

2.) “I would rather die than forsake any one of them!” …Tenchi Muyo….. -Kagato1

3.) Ryoko: “Now I want your balls please.” Tenchi: “What?! No way! There mine and I’m going to hang on to them!” Ryoko: “Oh! You numbskull! I mean the 3 jewels on your sword.”

4.) Tenchi: “So uh… whats the deal with the towel dad?” Father: “Numbskull! What do you think? This is the traditional atire for PEEPING!” Tenchi: “Dad stop! Your embarrasing me ya know?” Father: “Hurry up son! You don’t want to miss anything!”

5.) Kiyone:”Whats going on here?! What happened to the scene I was just in?! What am I doing eating lunch with these PEOPLE!?” Mihoshi: “Well for one thing its lunch time. We can’t help that.” Kiyone: “Mihoshi!” Ryoko: “Boy she really is serous.”

6.) Mihoshi: “Hello I’m here to serve you! What can I get for you?” Man: “Just a hamburger and coffee.” Mihoshi: “Ok thats one hamburger and one coffee. Would you care for some fries, apple pie, french toast, a sandwitch or mabey a vanilla shake with that? Why a uh hot chocolate would be good too. How about a pork chop burger. Our pork chop burgers are…” Kiyone: “Stop allready!!!” Mihoshi:”But you told me to give them some suggestions Kiyone.” Kiyone: And whats the customer supose to do with all of that?!” Mihoshi:”It all tastes really good though.” Kiyone: That is not the point!” Mihoshi:”What do you think Mr. Customer? You like pork chop burgers don’t ya?”