Character Quotes – Sailor Moon

1.) “Save? A word for those who are indulged in happiness, with ignorance of the real war.” -Taiki

2.) “Penitrating throught the darkness of night….The air of freedom breaks through….We are the three sacred Shooting Stars. Sailor Star Fighter! Sailor Star Maker! Sailor Star Healer! Sailor Star Lights! Stage on!” -Sailor Star Lights

3.) ‘What are the missions of the new soldiers? Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S. She constantly makes a blunder and cries so easily. But she is actually the leader of the Pretty Soldiers and the Princess of the moon. She has the power to purify people.” -unknown

4.) Neptune: I think you’ve been eating too many sweets.; Uranus: I don’t listen to that kind of talk outside a bed. -HarukaTenohSU

5.) Haruka: Wow. Thats a pretty goldfish.
Michiru: Really..
Haruka: Come on are you Jelous
Michiru: Well…Maybe..

6.) Jupter:”she may be a princess but she’s NOT light!”
Usangi:”I heard that!”