Character Quotes – Outlaw Star

1.) Gene: “If it wasn’t for that lously icecream and that stupid plant I would’ve scored for sure.”

2.) Iris: “Gene! I was so scared!” Gene: “Everything’s ok now.” Jim: “Then get your hand off her ass.”

3.) Gene: “Perfictly honest we don’t have a single clue to go on. Of course asking the pirates would be the easiest thing, but there’s no way. I’d rather eat shit.” Melfina: “Yea! I fell the same way.” Gene: “You’d rather eat shit, huh!” Melfina: “No! I mean…I guess so.”

4.) Jim: “Man! Grownups and there sleasy conversations!”

5.) Melfina: “Oh you can’t perform? Oh, sorry you can’t perform. Thats too bad.”

6.) Gene: “Wait! I see before me a paradice of sexy ladies panting with desire! Oh its so good to be alive! Thank you God! Thank you thank you thank you!!!… Feaver feaver feaver!!! Ahh!!!”

7.) Gene: “I’m not going to fall for that trap this time. (hits rope) Shit!”