Character Quotes – Oh My Goddess!

1.) “The greatness of one’s sorrow when parting is the evidence of the deepness of one’s love, so if one fears sadness, one wouldn’t be able to love anything.” -Belldandy

2.) “Sadness is in every living person, but when you’re living, happiness is always waiting for you.” – Belldandy

3.) Do you really believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder? It’s a crock, Kei. Out of sight, out of mind is the way it usually works in the real world…But if you really love her, you’ve got to fight for her, you’ve got to prove yourself… -Megumi

4.) Like what Urd said, falling in love with someone isn’t always a beautiful thing. To be angry, sad, and laugh, and after all that, thinking that you want to be with that person…That is falling in love with someone, and I want to be with you, Belldandy -Keiichi

5.) I can do it!! Especially if a goddess is waiting for me at the top, I can fly all the way up to heaven. -Keiichi

6.) There are as many opportunities as the stars in the sky, but you only get a handful of them. Why do you think that is? It’s because no one knows where they are. Are you going to let an opportunity that you can see pass by you? -Urd

7.) I don’t care about destiny, I don’t care about the heavens. None of that matters to me. I just want to be with you! -Keiichi

8.) I’ve decided that so long as I live here with Keiichi, no matter what happens, I’ll trust this person. Even if he is lying, so long as it’s not words of goodbye, I’ll trust Keiichi no matter what. -Belldandy

9.) If you assume that you can’t do something before you try, then no matter how simple it may be, you won’t be able to do it. -Urd

10.) “As long as you need me, I’ll stay by your side forever.” -Belldandy