Character Quotes – Neon Genesis Evangelion

1.) Mountains, Heavy are the Mountains. But that changes with the passage of time. Sky, Blue sky. What your eyes can’t see, But, What your eyes can see. The Sun, One, only one. Water, It is agreeable. Commander Ikari. Flowers, so many the same, so many without purpose. Sky, sky of red, red the color, the color I hate. The liquid flows, it drips, ripples, and pours. Blood, the scent of blood, a woman who does not bleed. From the red soil the humans come. Humans made by man and woman. City, a human creation. Eva, a human creation as well. What are humans? Are they creations of GOD? Humans are that which created by humans. This is that which is mine. My life, my heart, I am a vessel for my thoughts. The entry plug, the throne of the soul. Who is this? This is me, Who am I, What am I. I am I. This object that is. Is myself that which forms is me. This is the self that can be seen. In yet that this is not that is myself. Strange feeling, my body if it is melting. I can no longer see myself, my floor, my shape, Faith from whom. Awareness dawns, of someone who is not me, who is here, there, beyond me here. Shinji, this person I know Major Katsuragi, Docter Akagi, People, my classmates, the pilot of unit 2, Commander Ikari, Who are you? -Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion Ep. 14)