Character Quotes – Last Unicorn

1.) “there are no happy endings because nothing ever ends”

2.) Leir – “Do something you have the power! I will kill you if you do not do something!” Schmendrick – “I can’t, not all the magic in the world can save her now.” Molly – “Then what good is it! What’s the use of Wizzardry if can’t even save a unicorn!” Schmendrick – “That’s what heros are for.”

3.) “No cat out of its first fur can ever be deceived by appearances, unlike human beings who seems to enjoy it.”

4.) “But I be a cat, and no cat anywhere, ever, gave anyone a straight answer.”

5.) Unicorn – Don’t run from Immortals – it attracts their attention (the unicorn to schmendrick when he’s running from the harpy)

6.) “Schmendrick: Oh please, please don’t cry. If you’ve become human enough to cry, then no magic in the world can change you back.”