Character Quotes – Excel Saga

1.) “I know nothing, except that I’m me! Japanese tea with cakes!”-Excel, episode 25 -By Kat2055

2.) “That hurt like hell, Excel.”-Ilparatzo, episode 25 -By Kat2055

3.) “Okay, all together now: WE’RE FALLING!”-Excel and Ilparatzo, episode 25 -By Kat2055

4.) “When a mannequin gets a better job than I do, what will happen to my status as organic matter?”-Excel, episode 2 -By Kat2055

5.) “It’s cute… BUT WHAT THE HELL IS IT?”-Excel, episode 2 -By Kat2055

6.) This is no time to get excited for seeing a urinal for the first time! –Excel -By Kourtnei