Character Quotes – DevilHunter Yohko

1.) I hold no enmity against those coerced into evil, but to those vile beings who toy with the hearts and souls of men. Since the time of ancient gods we have been your destroyers. Now, the 108th generation Devil Hunter Yohko is here! Beware!

2.) Dark powers whose black deeds escape even the light of the moon, behold now the radiance of the power of love! I shall destroy any who dare threaten this world. I am the scourge of evil, the 108th generation of Devil Hunter….Yohko!

3.) Although I hold no enmity against demons of this unknown land, the destiny in my heart bids me on. For the passion that swells beneath my heaving breasts, let all else be blown away like leaves in the wind. Even should my body corrupt and decay, I shall not surrender. This is for love!

4.) You have played with a virgins innocence and soiled a sweet dream as well. Now all that’s left is a pretty face and a really bad attitude. The 108th Devil Hunter Yohko!

5.) From the well of deepest darkness, by the beacon of crimson light, it is our duty to destroy all demons! To protect the innocent, to preserve happiness…demands the twin swords of courage and justice!