Anime Songs – Ryoko Number 5

Ryoko #5

Ryoko Number 5 (This is accurate. OVA, Universe, Tenchi in Tokyo, Zero, and the manga)

By, Clayton Overstreet based on Weird Al’s Bimbo #5

(Tenchi takes the stage)
Ladies and Gentlemen, where is Ryoko #5?
Are you really for the 3rd OVA?

One, Two, three, four, five
Yosho trapped Ryoko while she was barely alive.
Now he works in the shrine ’round the corner,
The girls wanna do the Crown Prince but I really don’t wanna,
Get in trouble like I did last year,
When my daughter showed up and grabbed my rear.
I had Mayuka, Haruna, Sakuya was Yugi,
Leaving the five other girls in between.
But I’d like to try a new piece of thigh,
While old grape hair is on Jurai,
If she’s dead or alive she will try to jump me,
And then she will kidnap me.
A little bit of Aeka, oh no more!
A little bit of Mihoshi out the door!
A little bit of Ryoko on the bed!
Everyone I’ve ever kissed now is dead…
Ryoko #5!
She pulled my pants down and dropped me to the ground,
Then meowed like a cabbit and made a kitty sound.
She’ll chase me so I run away,
If I get caught she’ll kiss me anyway.
Attack the planet once,
here’s a big surprise,
Turns out Dr. Clay was wrong and he can’t reproduce Ryoko right.
Achika’s gone away,
Maybe Miss Noike wants to play,
A little bit of adult Washu would be nice,
Sasami shows up and I’m… on… ice.
Tsunami calls? Hahaha.
Hey baby, ever been saved from an apocalyptic madman?
As a matter of fact the cave does have the Jurai royal seal on it.
Hey, wanna see my lighthawk wings get real big? Hahaha!
Note to myself: save her from Nagi later!
A little bit of Ryo-oki, oh no more!
A little bit of Kiyone out the door!
There’s two Ryokos in my bed,
If Aeka finds out, boy… I’m… dead!
Oh I do like Serio,
Will you please make Aeka your wife?
You know, get her outta the house cause I have some… gardening to do.
Yeah, that’s it.
Oh excuse me, Ryoko number six? (Pretty Sammy version)

Author’s note

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